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  1. Exactly what I'm saying...thank you for rephrasing
  2. Yes, you need to kill at least 2 aldritch phantom in a summon. Why so offensive about glitches when it doesn't ruin the experience... I mean I don't think fromsoft wanted players that can't co-op to mindlessly grind these silver knights for days right? If they wanted this to be a multiplayer only drop then they wouldn't even make the a drop for the silver knights, but what if they never patched the drop rate? Ppl use the tree jump for early access to exchange items in game? it's not like I'm hacking or changing stats for unfair play... And no it's not about racing... I believe this community is about easier solutions to hunt achievements without "hacking". But since the update for easier covenant summon is coming up, we'll see how everything works out.
  3. guys...I think there is a way to farm this proof of concord kept faster... There is an exploit where you can use a consumable item over and over again which a lot of ppl use that to gain souls easily and such. Now the proof of concord kept isn't a consumable item, so what next? There's an item called proof of a concord WELL kept you can get if you killed two phantoms in a summon. You consume one proof of a concord well kept to gain 2 proof of a concord kept. Now if this theory works...pls someone help out here...I'm tired of farming silver knights...
  4. this thing is so hard to farm....Human Dregs were so much easier... Has anyone tried the offline theory yet?
  5. you need to restore your ember if you want to summon npc or other players. If you want to summon more than one ally, you need an item for that.
  6. It may take a few shots but it works. We had three ppl to try it out(including my self), try this out peeps.
  7. In Bullseye DLC Matchmaking, activate both electrical surge systems during a match on Vertigo. My friends and I found a way to get this achievement faster, you don't have to wait for the eletrical system to go turn back on, simply go pick up a rocket launcher and shoot at the same spot where the power systems are and you'll still get the achievement. Called up a few friends to try it and it worked.
  8. Ya...I got the trilogy box for the 360 ver. too. I still had to pay around 6400 msp to get all the other dlcs for all 3 games.
  9. Needed trials: UN 1,4,5 (and a couple of master from the dlc pack but I'm goin for UN first) GT: NeoMasaki in Taiwan I've played with a lot of random ppl out there, from the states to europe. So my internet speed shouldn't be much of a problem.
  10. It's great to hear treasures respawn after beating the game. Cheers for the list, really helped.
  11. Sorry, I forgot to mention one last thing about the dlc achievment that a lot of ppl could miss. This achievment is called "A present from the Lab mem(bers)" To get this last cg and achievment complete the game by following the guide in this thread and then load up any game using your save file (in my case I just started a new game). Open up your cell phone and look for a text messege that was never opened. Press A twice to open attached files and you'll see a congrats cg with all the Lab members. It's an easter egg that I found by luck.
  12. Game is out! Surprised their wasn't any topics about this game.
  13. If you've completed all the main achievments before downloading the dlc then u have to replay the game again. I suggest new comers download the dlc before you start the game. They're just extra scenes and cg pics during the story so u won't miss it.
  14. For those who are wondering if the dlcs are included in the walkthrough. The answer is yes. I've got all 1250 achievments. Thx for the walkthrough!
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