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  1. IGN was able to release some PVE game play for a mission [ame= ] [/ame]
  2. yea i saw these and I definitely like what I am seeing so far
  3. So I'm just curious to see what everyone here did. Did you pre-order and if so what level of pre-order did you commit to? I got the Ultimate Edition.
  4. I finally finished all of the achievements a little while back and now I have a reason to continue playing
  5. I just saw a video on YouTube saying that if you do delete a "test" community, the people you selected for that community are also deleted and can not select them again
  6. I got this cheevo last night. I just got the game yesterday and it just so happens that I found and destroyed my first plague heart during the first in-game night.
  7. the game is available to Amazon Prime member through twitch loot for xbox. I just started the 50GB download to give this a try. It's free so why not give it a whirl.
  8. Nice, Mike. Looks like you haven't played in a while though based on that screen shot. I just got my last piece of classified reclaimer late Monday night and it is crazy. I stacked a bit over 10K electronics, my damage is low but seem to be able to hold my own. I need to play with it more and learn how to use the set better. [Edit]: adjusted my electronics value.
  9. If you haven't played this game since almost launch, you may find enjoyment in it now. If the game had launched in the state it is now, I don't think it would have lost so much of the player base and the 1.8 changes look great as well. I've been playing since launch with little breaks here and there for some other game launches but I continually come back to the division. I am looking forward to the 1.8 PTS on xbox and will be giving that a test spin shortly.
  10. I play almost daily (in the evening after work) and I am in the same time zone as you. Feel free to add me as well or join the fire team when there is room.
  11. Optimistic is a good stance for this game. I think this game looks great so far .... time will tell.
  12. I am ready to play the shit out of the Destiny 2 beta. I have not been watching the videos and reading all the news articles because I want to discover what the game holds for myself. It is way more fun that way.
  13. Faction and Vanguard packages will give you light level 400 items as well now!!!! I was stuck at 396 for months, after the new update I bought hundreds of heavy synth from zur and went from rank 3 in future war cult to 25 as well as hitting light level 400 with left over weapons and armor to fuse into my other characters.
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