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  1. I'm guessing this isn't the highest priority since the board is pretty dead, but clicking the link to go to the Just Dance 2017 xbox 360 game forum directs you to XboxAchievements.com>Xbox One Games>Music and Rhythm>Just Dance 2017. And all the achievements posted there I'm guessing are for the Xbox 360, because that list certainly does not match the Xbox One achievements.
  2. Looked up the list today. Gonna Make You Sweat(10 G) - Complete a Playlist. Just Dance Warm Up(10 G) - Get 3 stars on 5 different songs. A long road ahead(10 G) - Reach level 5. Variety Act(15 G) - Dance to every type of song(solos, duets, trios,quattros). Solid Gold Performance(15 G) - Perform all gold moves in a song. I got the power!(25 G) - Create a custom Playlist. First quest(30 G) - Finish first on a Dance Quest (any difficulty). Perfect Finish!(10 G) - Get a Perfect Move on the last move of a song. Welcome to Just Dance 2017!(5 G) - Complete your first song. Finding your feet(5 G) - Get 3 stars on a song. NAILED it!(15 G) - Get 5 stars on a song. The perfect combo(25 G) - Get 10 Perfect moves in a row on any song. Low Profiling(15 G) - Check out your friend's Dancer Card. Like a rollercoaster(10 G) - Dance to a Just Dance Machine Experiment Born to Perform(25 G) - Get 5 stars on 5 different songs. You're Gold, GOLD!(50 G) Perform all Gold Moves in 5 songs. Need more energy!(30 G) - Charge 50% Ship Battery Energy Out of this world!(30 G) - Get 3 stars on all songs (No Alternate versions or Mash-Ups). Gold Rush(15 G) - Finish first on all the Dance Quests (any difficulty). To infinity and beyond!(50 G) - Charge 100% Ship Battery Energy. What? Already???(50 G) - Reach max level. The ULTIMATE Just Dance fan(50 G) - Get 5 stars on all songs (No Alternate versions or Mash-Ups). You've got a friend in me....(15 G) - Finish 5 songs with 2 or more players dancing. Bring it on!(15 G) - Beat 10 Challengers. Competitive Spirit(25 G) - Beat 25 Challengers. Take all comers(50 G) - Beat 100 Challengers. First purchase!(5 G) - Spend 500 Mojos. Loaded!(20 G) - Spend 2000 Mojos. Make it RAIN!(30 G) - Spend 5000 Mojos. I Want It ALL!(100 G) - Unlock everything with your Mojos. Complete your journey(30 G) - Finish first on all Dance Quests with difficulty set to Hard. Dance Master(50 G) - Reach the "Superstar" rank on all songs. Dance Quest Master!!!(50 G) - Finish first on all the Dance Quests with Superstar difficulty. It's all Good!(30 G) - Perform only Good Moves or better in a song. Dance Crew(15 G) - Get 4 jewels on a song in Collaborative mode. Funky Four!(25 G) - Get 10 jewels on a song in Collaborative mode. Come at me!(10 G) - Beat 1 Challenger. Who's the boss now?(10 G) - Beat a Boss in World Dance Floor Entering the competition(10 G) - Participate in a Tournament in World Dance Floor. That's a start!(10 G) - Reach the "Superstar" rank on a song.
  3. No. No it does not. These achievements might be the achievements for the Xbox 360 version, but do not match those on Xbox One. I will probably prepare a list in the future.
  4. Now that I've finally gotten my Vampire Knives, I've tried the pumpkin moon again. I'm trying for the spider egg, but I haven't really made it deep enough into the event. I've made it to I believe the first wave with Headless Horseman, so about wave 9 I think. So far, the only loot I've gotten is 3 Cursed Saplings and a Candy Corn Rifle. I'd like to be able to make it deeper into the Pumpkin Moon and deep into the Frost Moon to be able to get the Spider Egg and Grinch Whistle. So far, I haven't been using any sort of arena as yet, just an elevated platform. I've been using Terra Blade for the chaff and often have to switch to Vampire Knives for Mourning Wood and Pumpking. I'm using Beetle Armor with the dps set bonus. My accessories are Star Veil, Hoverboard, Mechanical Glove, Ankh Shield, and Celestial Stone, all set to menacing. The only real buff I've been using is a Flask of Ichor. Any tips on gear or setting up an arena for the Xbox 360 version appreciated.
  5. I got this just recently (I learned the game a couple months ago and had a balance to spend or lose). The online appears to be completely dead. No ranked matches or player matches. If anyone's still interested in this game, either to boost or just to play some ranked matches, send a message to CreepyUncleMike.
  6. I'm finally nearing the end of the challenges. My current one is for a Dragumfly. I've got a garden with the necessary water and bullrushes. I just need my Redhott to lose a fight to one. So far, it's 2-0, earning my Redhott the bronze combat medal. Any way to speed the process up? Maybe an accessory I can equip to the Redhott to make sure it loses?
  7. It appears I did need to load the specific garden with the lemmoning. As how I got the sour one to behave, I believe I left a happy candy next to where I uncrated it.
  8. I've already caught and trapped a sour lemmoning, then made him a resident. According to what I read, I should be able to find and trap regular lemmonings in the Pinarctic. I've already got radishes grown for the resident requirements. I was looking to capture 2 to feed to a pair of Kittyfloss, but all the time I waited, the only lemmonings that arrived were sour ones. Is there anyway to find a regular lemmoning? Do I have to load up the specific garden where I have one resident? Or will I be forced to turn off that part of the tower and tame 2 more sours?
  9. Probably a little late for you (but not the people who recently got it for free): it may be a glitch, but apparently it matters where you got the bunnycomb. I accidentally caught a couple while trying to trap a pengum. I then figured I'd use that and had the same problem you described. Instead, it appears to be necessary to use a bunnycomb that visits your garden randomly.
  10. This doesn't seem to be the most popular board lately, but I could use some help for the last couple achievements. First, I need a bunch of trades still. I'd rather hold on to what few star heads I have, but if you want any other prisoner or just a boatload of gems, it's yours. Just ask. Second thing I need is some partners for coop insane. I had limited luck just trying to host a match and I don't think I've found any random with a mic yet. Still on the somewhat early levels, so it's probably not vital yet, but I'm rather sure a mic will make things a lot easier as I get further. GT is CreepyUncleMike.
  11. I've made it to single player insane level 8-5. While most of the level is easy, I haven't figured out how to use the jetpack at the end without rocketing into the slime. It took me about 20 minutes to get past that one part on normal. I don't want to think about how many deaths that was. How do you jetpack across without getting shot down into the slime?
  12. After just a couple runs? That's impressive. I've only just recently managed to get under 28 seconds, although that's after many, many runs and I haven't quite figured out all the tricks. Sometimes I think I have a good run going and don't break 30 seconds or, worse, can't make it to the laser in time. I just tried testing how many gems I can get in an hour doing this, but it wasn't as many as I'd hoped. 276 gems. Less than 5 per minute. I may try another hour long run hitting the Y button after I finish the level to replay it rather than having to re-enter the door. If you're looking for another challenge, though, I recently read somewhere that it's possible to complete another one of these levels even faster. I've heard of people completing "SolOperation" (I believe that's how it read, probably supposed to be solo operation) in about 22 seconds. I gave it another try, but it's nowhere near as easy as FunWithFans. Since I'm in it for the gems, I'm not interested in spending a lot of time mastering it.
  13. I've found a good way to collect gems fast without a lot of extra controllers or glitching. Choose a local arena match (these will also count towards The Professional). Go for a solo challenge. On the top row is a level called FunWithFans. Its pretty easy to beat in less than 40 seconds, earning 4 gems each time. So the challenge is simple: who can record the fastest time? So far, my fastest is 30:98. I'm sure it will take several attempts to beat that time, but have fun burning through arena matches and raking in gems as you try. Update: I found a slightly faster route. I'm down to 28:73. Wish I had the equipment to make a proper video of it.
  14. Only got one response here but it was enough. All set with multiplayer achievements. If you still need someone, though (especially if you have a mic and may want help with future Games with Gold titles), GT is at the left.
  15. From what I've seen Happy Hour is from 7pm to 8pm EST. World Dance will tell you how long it is until happy hour. I think I've done about 8 or so so far and no achievement. And most of my attempts have been for several songs, so I don't know what the problem is.
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