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  1. So I've really got back into Sea of Thieves lately took a bit of a break from it but it's had alot of improvements. I've finally got my pirate legend and can hold my own in PvP.
  2. Uk players on most nights from 10 play all modes need allies. @Radiantmist What's your gamertag??
  3. I'm not getting offered any errands at camp anyone else had this problem?
  4. Just a heads up im getting a warning message when i try to get on the General Discussion Deceptive site ahead Attackers on raptr.com may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers or credit cards). Learn more Help improve Safe Browsing by sending some system information and page content to Google. Privacy Policy please delete this post when fixed.
  5. Is there anyone planning on doing the guide on here? If not I may start making a few notes to start one?4
  6. I don't think it's possible to get onto different crews in the same game game
  7. I'm up for playing every evening I'm tired of playing with randoms that don't no what there doing. Gt Radiantmist my levels are 20 20 15
  8. Does anyone actually have any luck joining random crews. It's been awhile since I've played but must have been stuck with at least 5 crews tonight that seem to have no idea what they're doing atall.
  9. Anyone elses game broken on the loading screen. I get the Microsoft logo then just a black screen.
  10. Need help getting rid of the hearts of anyone is interested
  11. Still no crowns im not convinced I'm doing the right thing. Can I view what crowns I have incase I have been getting them without realising
  12. going to be doing some Events later today if anyone fancies helping me.
  13. i no achievements arnt the only reason i play games but with them not working probably its making it hard to find the enthusiasm to play.
  14. thought it might have been done them all a number of times and not got anything.
  15. im a little confused by these events were do i find them?
  16. So it looks like the servers are back working again! Im on most nights if anyone wants to play.
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