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  1. You couldn't by any chance confirm this could you? I'd be happy to pay for the extra track and car if I don't go with the Amazon route! Edit: http://www.indycar.com/News/2013/02/2-12-Gamers-can-pre-order-Codemasters-IndyCar-pack comment at the bottom of here that states it, can't say if it's true or not but...
  2. Ah man I just came across this. Serious decision process now, I have the credit to cover it at GAME, but having done a track day around Yas... I'd love to have it on the game, plus it'll be 45 in store at GAME, so you save 7 pound getting it from Amazon. It's just deciding whether to fork the cash for one of the dream cars and the track, or hope you can get a code on eBay :/ Damn you pre-order bonuses!
  3. Hate to ask a potentially stupid question, but when you say full price, do you mean the 45 pound collectors edition or the 25 pound limited? It is recommended at the budget release price, or still worth waiting for a price drop? I'm really on the fence about this, I played and enjoyed the first (as a big fan of sniping games) but I've seen some negative press about this. Just can't decide!
  4. This guy makes loads of videos on Horizon and FM4, should check out his dubstep audi drifting video, it's fantastic! His name on YouTube and live is Domestic Mango. This video ended my decision of which game to trade in towards Far Cry 3, unfortunately Most Wanted didn't have a shot (completed it anyway). You should definitely pick Horizon up, it's quite the game in my opinion.
  5. Thanks for the find, pretty sweet set of armour. I've entered it a couple of other times to give back to the community a bit Help yourself, I haven't checked any of them though so couldn't tell you if I've been really unlucky and got all female! F9F2D-XT3C2-JF79K-VWYJM-V6YJZ FC6F3-XVJMX-Y2X4Q-VCYH6-GYVGZ FCC3Y-4T2WG-VDXRX-QK46W-27GFZ
  6. Im the same as OP, pre-ordered and really looking forward to it but curious to what people who have it think of it
  7. Hey guys, I preordered Prototype 2 from Tesco, had it sent to a friends house because I've just begun my uni end of year exams and if it reaches my house, I'll more than likely disappear until I've completed it. Loved the first one. I just wondered if anybody knew anything about the Radnet system. I read the FAQ's on it and it said that once you redeem the radnet code on your manual the content is always available to you once it has been released (each week) Does this mean that I can still unlock the awards/content at a later date than the week it is released, so long as I redeem the code? I don't want to miss out on the content whilst waiting for exams to finish (2 weeks) so I can properly enjoy the game Thanks a lot
  8. My only concerns were heat and wear on the disc drive. Only other problem would be the positioning of my xbox. My uni flat feels like its made of paper, you can hear the xbox vibrating when spinning a disc from the kitchen and my room is above the lounge It isn't a problem. Great game!
  9. Just completed it having regretted not getting it on day one as soon as I started playing it... The best ace combat I've ever played and one of the best games I have ever played. Might just be my own personal exaggeration but I loved it!
  10. Did you make the Matte black Maserati with the awesome designs at the black? If so, have you uploaded it? Love that job
  11. That's what I expected to happen. It does that with Forza 4, Battlefield 3 and Gears 3. But not with this. Infact when it's loading up, just as it reaches the main menu after introduction videos, the disc stops spinning for a few seconds and then fires back up. If it's meant to do that, then I'm not complaining. The game is fantastic, wish I'd bought it on release now. Just wondering if it should be happening! Thanks
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