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  1. I did the audio calibrating twice where you hold the guitar up to the speakers, but it still was missing almost every note. So I went back to the calibration screen and held my guitar far away from the speakers and it gave me a message saying it was unable to calibrate. After 2-3 times doing this, it let me calibrate by strumming when the bar reached the left and right sides. Now it's calibrated perfectly.
  2. Has anybody else had problems with the achievements for shooting the BLAST soda cans? I've shot all 6 multiple times and nothing has popped for me yet and it still says I'm at 0% for that achievement.
  3. Feel free to add me. I have all of the tables. GT: Topsy Kretts 18
  4. You can unlock the Messin' With Sasquatch classified patch by knifing someone who is wearing the Ghillie Suit.
  5. My code for 400 points went in without a problem. Not sure why others aren't working. Just wanted to confirm that some do work.
  6. Played a SR-115 last night in Oddball. Didn't think to look how many Spartan Ops kills he had though.
  7. On the drums it's red+blue+kick pedal. On controller it's A+B+LB.
  8. Looking to get All Alone and Don't Touch That! I have 4 controllers. Message me if you wanna get them. GT: Topsy Kretts 18
  9. I think both songs are pretty good. The guitar work on this new song is a lot better than the first one especially the solos.
  10. Me and a friend ran through it on legendary and I got the achievement for killing no grunts and for not switching weapons but my friend didn't get either of them. He was the host too so obviously that doesn't matter. Not sure why it happens though.
  11. I need all of the Team Fortress 2 achievements except flamethrower one. Gamertag: Topsy Kretts 18
  12. It's decently useful as long as you keep your distance from the grunts. If not, you will find yourself in the middle of explosions quite often.
  13. Flatliner title (3 kill streak when screen is flashing red) Frankenstein emblem (60 bullet penetration kills while using the impact proficiency)
  14. You can collect them on any difficulty. I collected mine on Normal.
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