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  1. looking to do the champion bundle achievments, I have 4 controllers. GT is voltagejim3000. I'm on right now
  2. looking for 3 people for "bros to the close" I will be on later tonight around 10:30pm central time. GT is voltagejim3000
  3. Need 3 people for bros to the close. Im on right now if you wanna do it now gt is voltagejim3000
  4. Need some people looking to knock out the ultimate badass difficulty. Already got levels 1-3 done, so just need from 4 till the end of the game. Would do it by myself, but the new updates made the aliens a lot tougher now, and I am getting destroyed gt is voltagejim3000
  5. looking for 3 people to get the comsat uplink and the other coop one gt is voltagejim3000
  6. Dunno if anyone will see this since this board seems dead, but figured I may as well try and knock out the joint command and comsat uplink cheevs with 3 other people. Only take like 5 min. GT is voltagejim3000
  7. hahaha! Some of these replies I have gotten the same repsonse from co workers haha ( co workers saying that they would slash his tires for $100 haha) One co worker even said for me to tell him that if he let me kick him in the nuts, I would take $50 off for every time he lets me do it haha
  8. cool, thanks for the replies! It sounds like taking him to small claims really isn't worth my effort since I will have to end up paying the court costs which will prolly be almost as much as he owes me haha. And yeah I really shouldn't have let him go this long without paying me, but every time I thought about getting strict with him a part of me would always be like "dude he's never done anything mean to you or said anything mean, so why are you going to suddenly get all serious on him?" and then I would feel bad. by the way, what is the difference between written statement and notarized?
  9. we do have a written agreement that we have both signed, I made him a copy but I think he threw it away, but I have the original copy of the written contract with the original signitures on it. I also have a documented list of all the payments he has made me, and such. So it's pretty much pointless to take him to court over it? Someone was telling me that they could garnish his wages for the payments to me if I won, and that I could have the court costs included in what he owes me if I wanted. (They also said if I really wanted to be an asshole I could not bring in that paper that shows what he has paid so far and just say that he never made any payments to me and I could get the full $1000, since he doens't have any sort of checking account that would have records of anything)
  10. As in knowledge on contracts and stuff? Basically I just need to know how long a written contract is good for in the state of illinois. Last year in April of 2012 I loaned my roomate at the time $1000 which was to be paid back as $50 a week by him until the $1000 was paid off. We had a written contract that said this, and as of today he still owes me $600. Everyone says I should take him to court, but I mean he has always had some kind of reason why he could not pay me any money, like he had to give his ex some extra child support, had to go see a few concerts in chicago, but a hamster, etc. So I mean I wanna give him a chance and not be a dick and take him to court, but someone said they thought that contracts only had a year for them to be valid, and then the contract is void. Is this true?
  11. Need some people who are up for a quick run through on ultimate badass difficulty for that achivment, and then want to boost some challenges gt is voltagejim3000
  12. I have 4 controllers, looking for someone to quick these achivments, and if possible the "They can fly" achivment from the last map pack GT is voltagejim3000 I'm on right now
  13. looking to get the following cheevs: Killjoy drain cleaner pull hard, pull deep so lonely at the top If you need them too we can get them for you as well. GT is voltagejim3000 I'll prolly be on around 5pm central time tommorow
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