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    33 year-old normal nice-going guy, A bit of a geek but i don't care, it keeps me young & enterta
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  1. Im in desperate need of finding someone to do the co-op achievements with in this game. I only have the game for a short time and ive messaged a few people about doing it but no reply from anyone. I have the EU version of this game. My gamertag is QPRs No1 Fan EDIT: Got all achievements now thanks to goranoneeye
  2. Yeah me too. I couldnt figure it out either till i found this thread
  3. Yes, i agree that it is very underrated. Although, there are a lot of glitches in the game. Ive lost count of how many nazi soldiers ive seen walking on thin air or dead soldiers floating . Love the fact that the main character, Sean Devlin, is a drink/smoke/women loving Irishman with a take-no-s**t attitude. .
  4. It's a pretty decent game but does it have it's faults. The storyline is confusing & targeting system is messed up but the over-the-top speed & powers make it really fun to play. I have never played the original game so i can't compare but overall i'd give this game about an 85% .
  5. Yeah it seems that the patch has definetely stopped the method of using a second controller to do all the work while your main profile stays hidden in the shadows undetected for PERFECT HUNTER. It seems that if either player is detected now then you can't get the achievement as i had completed it a few times without my main account being spotted once but no achievement each time. I then cleared my cache, attemped it offline using same method and achievement unlocked first attempt. My main profile was never spotted but my second profile was 2 or 3 times but i still got the achievement
  6. Looking for someone to do the Multiplayer DLC achievements with. All but 2 achievements can be done with just 2 people so just needing 1 person to get them done. Worry about the final 2 achievement afterwards GT is QPRs No1 Fan
  7. I have dozens of each of the 4 types of eggs (gold, white, brown and rotten) if anyone is needing them for the achievement or wants to farm loads of gold coins using the rotten eggs (easy to do). Not asking for anything in return, just happy to help people out while im busy going for all the achievements on this game . GT is QPRs No1 Fan
  8. Ive finished the SP mode so now just have the co-op mode all to do. I'm looking for someone who is more or less in the same position as me as i have most of the co-op achievements to get. Ive got a friend who is going to do the Professor Portal achievement with me on his second account so i wont need to do it and if needed i can help my co-op partner get it by using my girlfriends account as i have already done the co-op calibration course. Anyone interested then send me a FR & message on Xbox Live : Gamertag is QPRs No1 Fan
  9. Yet another thread that should be stickied. Great work by SadfaceGaming11 for doing the videos and credit to Fullmetalx07 for uploading them
  10. Egg Dragoon is much, much harder on Hard Level. On normal i defeated him on my 2nd attempt but on hard level ive had something like 50-60 attempts and still havent defeated him. All this just for a couple of avatar awards too
  11. I can confirm that this DOES work. I back up most of my game saves on the cloud device.
  12. I cant understand why this isnt stickied. Great guide and roadmap although i dont agree on the difficulty of 4, getting an S rank on some of the later stages, a few doppleganger challenges and defeating the final boss without being hit can be frustrating as hell and very difficult to do. Great work though
  13. am not that good at this apparently lol, can clear 400k with taki on arcade but not 400k with astaroth even but course you need 450k in arcade. for me with both characters, it either won't do the moves 100% of the time or it's countered or blocked and I am hit while attempting the moves, any advice?

  14. I wish i could help you out with this. I gave this mode a try after i'd seen your post but i didn't have any problems playing a few matches. Did you try reinstalling datapack 1.0 in the options menu? If you still have the problem then the new datapack may fix it, its available within the next 2 weeks i think.
  15. Atleast it's realistic as it happens in the real world of football all the time too . The game really is great this year except the goalkeepers AI is dumb when it comes to one-on-ones .
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