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  1. Looking to do the MP achievements in QOS if anyone else is interested send me an FR
  2. Thanks for the guide, getting the game on Sunday (Working until then) this will be the first time I will have played FUT so this is very much appreciated cheers
  3. Need to do both online achievements I'm online most nights but currently don't have a mic Add me : Greenguy81
  4. I have all my old consoles back to the Master System so no way will I be selling the 360, besides I have way too many games still to play
  5. Really fun arcade game and a great setup for DR2
  6. Well thats FP1 over with, Hamilton looks in good shape but Ferrari look off the pace at the mo, hopefully they improve somewhat in FP2
  7. COD 4 and World at War have always been my favorites for me the series just went downhill from there unfortunately
  8. Still some great circuits to come this year Austin seemed like a good track last year, especially with the 1st corner on the upwards hill and Japan is always fun but Brazil has always been one of my favourites Next year should be an absolute belter of a year, If having Raikkonen and Alonso in the same team doesn't generate some fireworks then nothing will and as you say the reg and engine changes should shake it all up a bit I saw above you guys taking about the paid driver situation what do you reckon of Sirotkin the 17 year old Russian kid who may drive for Sauber, to me it has the look of daddy paying for his son to have the best toy ever for christmas
  9. Any other F1 fans around at all ?? Looking forward to Singapore this weekend, I see they have taken out the Singapore Sling Chicane and turned it into a straight left hand corner, hopefully this may generate some more overtaking. I only have 1 wish and that's for an Alonso win to keep the Championship alive, another Vettel win this weekend and it's all but over IMO
  10. Completed Trivial Pursuit last night, the free movie pack dlc makes this alot easier
  11. Hi there Long time lurker to the site so thought it was high time I introduced myself. Gamertag's: Greenguy81 feel free to add me, Decided to come back to the 360 after a couple of years hiatus. Enjoy most games and currently playing a fair bit of WSOP and not being very good at it Anyway hope to see you guys around sometime
  12. Hi guys been away from the Xbox for a couple of years have decided to come back and need some friends to game with feel free to add me GT : Greenguy81 Been playing alot of WSOP at the Moment
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