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  1. Fix the fuckin servers sick of getting disconnected
  2. Once the novelty of playing it wears off it,s a load of boring shite
  3. Why are people who want to boost on the one not using the xbox one forum?
  4. New dlc pack £10.39 FUCK RIGHT OFF
  5. Looking to loot grind on venus nexus mission message me if you are interested xbox 360 version
  6. Challenges are the usual codemasters BULLSHIT especially the touring car one correction party mode what a joke demolition derby has less smashes
  7. Yeah tried it simultaneously & :ltbut:then but it,s very unpredictable it works some times then not at all.The rescues i got the 4 but no achievement didn,t get an S grade so don,t know if that,s why?
  8. Same for me on 360 on the Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements mission.Very glitchey,trying to follow a walkthrough but there are way more enemies on mine.C4 won,t detonate first time,rescue, etc, wish i hadn,t bothered with this now very boring game
  9. This shit looks worse than shellshock 2
  10. maybe? definitely the biggest piece of shite i,ve played & i,ve played some shite
  11. I,m saying i got to level 50 unlocked all the cars & liveries! started the game again & they are all locked there is no way to unlock them because i am at the max level i can,t do any more missions or get any more xp so it,s a pile of glitchy crap
  12. Don,t bother with this i got to level 50 unlocked all the extra cars & liveries now it,s all locked again what a pile of crap
  13. Looking for someone to give me a hand with last 2 achievements Bust a friend and win a race against a friend send me a message if you can help me finish the game thanks
  14. I got it in one of the corners in the snowy mountain section can,t remember which one sorry
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