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  1. I am missing the second picture in the in character bios. I managed to figure out what it is. It is black Spider Man. The person I got this from said you need to hundred percent the game to get it. Does anyone know how to get this as it is my last one. As I doubt i need to finish it to one hundred percent Thank you.
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    sorry i just rang xbox support but thy are closed. Okay so the problem is I unlucked one achievement in Jurassic Park for 20 points Then got a little worried whe the next achievement unlocked but didt add to my score. a quick investigation to xbox.com showed my 20 score, and then a few moments later it had updated the full full score. so if you look at my profile vs my dashboard theres 400 or so mising points because jurassic park is showing 20 points whe it should be a few hundrered so now on my dashboard im missing 400 points from my gamerscore and recovering profile doesnt do anything. im stuck I dont know what to do i recovered many times swapped consoles but nothing has worked anyone else have this happen?
  3. I did not know you could do that for the difficulty achievements.
  4. Can you guys check to see you dont have the same problem as me? Go to Social and then go to the bit where it says your tenure safety gamerscore and achievements. Mine is showing Gamerscore 800/1000 which is odd it should be 424k out of 500k. The score its showing is the total gamerscore of the last game Ive played. I recovered my profile and it didnt fix it. if i put in another game it changes to whatever the score is in that game. Very annoying. But when you go to the page where it says your total complete game that is fine. Its just the previous page thats annoying me
  5. Powered off my console was cloud was synchronizing turned it back on now have a complete hard drive failure 1 red ring. 3 years of saved games and information all gone. Just thought id warn you all hope it doesnt happen to you. Recovery of my profile took 5 minutes which was good. As before it was many hours. Oh well be careful.
  6. Can we get some more information on Making friends Reactivate all of the Sink's robotic assistants. Is this part of a quest?
  7. Pony I am hoping you can help me I think I can see the last cannon I need its on the tank path. its up really high and I cant see any way to get up there.
  8. I'm not in a hurry to reach 500k. Im just going to play games for pure enjoyment. No more crappy games! Good luck to everyone else and their gamer goals!
  9. Thank you pony! Now to take a nice long break from gaming!
  10. Here is a quick tip for those struggling with the perfect start achievement. use the turbo cheat it helps fill your power bar more quickly. Was able to unlock eat my dust very easily using the turbo cheat.
  11. For the 80 Red Gems do you need all 80 in your inventory? this means no upgrading of any weapons?
  12. I still think the perfect starts are a little too hard. what do you all think or maybe I am just no good at this game.
  13. Turbo starts are absolute BULLSHIT. Im going to get a turbo controller asap
  14. Can someone tell me how you are supposed to win billiards without a power bar or any way to aim properly. Why does the game end after i pot the white ball. this is harder than pinball.
  15. I really hate the long load times. If they were a bit shorter I might attempt it.
  16. can you play on easy and unlock insane? or do I need to bump up the difficulty
  17. it looks really bad for me.. just my opinion the achievements are nice and easy thank god!
  18. it looks horrible i cant believe how bad it looks
  19. Street date has been broken in Australia eb are selling copies right now! you had better hurry there before 9pm! have fun!
  20. Im following a guide and i've done Upon reflection Armed and dangerous Warrants outstanding I go to the case menu and theres no way to tell how many stars I have in either of those cases
  21. Can the online achievements be done in a private match. and how many people are required to do so.
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