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  1. I have the same problem, did you ever figure this out? I missed Trigger 16 while following this guide, and just need to know what playthrough gets this one to pop. (English translation of the achievements is: "I Sasen is a lady dog".)
  2. If someone in the U.S. imports the PC Russian version of Bioshock 2, can they install it, play it on Xbox Live, and "stack" the achievements seperate from the U.S. version? ...or do you have to have a PC that's actually in Russia?
  3. I'm confused about how the EU versions differ from the US/Japanese versions. This site has a Japanese section -- that lists Japanese exclusives, as well as games that have a "stackable" Japanese version (such as 50 Cent). So why isn't there a European section? It should list European exclusives, as well as games that have a "stackable" European version (such Cobra 11: Crash Time (EU)) Or am I missing something? As is, it's difficult finding Euro games in the list.
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    This is by far more difficult than all the Xbox Live pacman games. I'll actually have to get through the levels in one go!? Does anyone know which "version" this is. By that, I mean which "paths" get you through all the levels? I've tried some guides online, but they don't work on this version of Pac-man.
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