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  1. Anyone want to go for the Expert achievement? Haven't had the best of luck with randoms. I can play Torb. gt: djj
  2. Going for the Rising Star achievement, need 55 more in the next 14 hours! gt: death snakes map name: fallout hype! PM me if you need any downloads on your maps as well!
  3. I know I can transfer a 360 account over to the xbox one, but does it work the other way around? Would prefer getting the online achievements on the one and then automatically unlocking them on the 360.
  4. Mines at 1 hour and I'm 95% finished. I've also got over 2000 hours on xbox fitness. Most of the game are pretty terrible at tracking the time.
  5. It may have been fixed, it's going up normal now, though it didn't add on the hours while it was frozen, would have gone up at least 15% more Hope it doesn't freeze again!
  6. YES, ive had the same problem for the same several days, though im currently doing the tv series achievement, I did 100 hours of movie and 41 hours of series with no problem, and now it seems stuck, ive done an extra 10 hours of tv series and it finally went up 1% but is stuck AGAIN. Has there been an update recently to glitch them? I've tried everything I can think of but it still seems frozen.
  7. I have all 96 cards, think I was 1 of the first to get them all, (first on TA anyway) here's my stats: Cards Collected: 96 Polls Completed: 235 Times in Majority: 197 Times in Minority: 38
  8. Polls seem to be about every 10 minutes now
  9. First poll, actually seems to be working now
  10. I never actually kicked the boulder down and I got it, but it did glitch on me at the exact same point 3 times, I did a hard reset on my xbox (though just quitting out completely of Ryse might work) and that seemed to fix it.
  11. Have you equipped every tier? I skipped tier 5 when boosting levels, got the achievement when equipping the tier 5 even though I had tier 6.
  12. EDIT: got it with a random, damn that was intense towards the end, ended up lasting 34mins. Apollox2 with 100% focus gain and 50%ish health regen made it pretty easy. Tier 6 is a must
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