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  1. Another Bonus missing from your list is, (play a card in the first 5 seconds of a hand). Great guide
  2. Just a bit of good info on the No Known Survivors achievement. U must create a MALE golfer for the suit to be in the pro shop. I created a FEMALE golfer and the suit is not there.
  3. I killed the guard and then talked to the blue skin but did not kill him. I killed the other guard and got the card for the door. I went down and talked to Jagger. I went and got the box for Jagger. I went back up the same way I got down there and when I walked out of the door I used the card on all 3 blue skins where there. I killed them and went back to the recreation area and talked to Useem and he thanked me on a fine job and gave me a pack of cigs. I tried this 4 times all different ways and the only way that worked for me was not killing the 1st blue skin guy before you go into the mines. Hope this works for you, good luck and were all counting on you, not really.
  4. Thanks for the help I found it. The door that only opens when you do seven things, very interesting. I did all of the above just to get a 10G achievement but it was worth every point.
  5. I loaded up the Refinery checkpoint. There is no room to the right. Gabril is in New Venice North and thats where the Comm building is to. There is no desk to the right of the screen with a sniper rifle on it.
  6. Is the map you are speaking of in the single player game or mulyiplayer part of the game? This is a single player secret achievement. Its called Sniper Rifle : Find and eqiup yourself with a sniper rifle 10G
  7. Does anyone know where to find the Sniper Rifle in Assault on Dark Athena? When we find it we get a secret achievement.
  8. I will be the one to confirm that there is sharks in GTA4. I have seen a shark. Not the whole shark just the fin sticking out of the water. It swam right at me and vanished. It happened pretty fast. It was only about 50 feet offshore. It made my insides jump:eek: and I tried to swim faster thinking it would kill me. If you flip your camera to straight overhead view when your swiming you can see more than you think. Dark water becomes clear and in shallow water you can see the bottom easily. I do the overhead camera alot more now since I have seen the shark fin. Happy shark hunting, it is in the game. No I dont have a pic or vid as it happened to fast to do anything. Your just going to have to take my word on this. I did push the A button 100 miles an hour though. Dont believe me then go ask Rockstar, they know what they put in the game.
  9. I have a glitched Super Jump thats keeping me from getting an achievement, I have 9/10 Super Jumps in Silver Lake area. I have seen the map from the strategy guide and the dot is in the middle of the small airfield where all of the airplane hangers are. When I take the jump there is no slow motion and camera or words saying Super Jump. The ramp has the barriers with the flashing lights and all of the Super Jump are marked by these. I have tried it on another account and on two different Xbox360 with no luck. Can someone please find this area and try the jump inside the airplane hanger with the flashing lights. Let me know if it registers your Super Jump. Thank You.
  10. Your both wrong. There is no tapping and you dont hold the trigger. You HOLD down the B button. Frustration level of game has given me grey hairs.
  11. I also just achieved this with the Charger R/T. I saw "Max Grip" and the achievement popped after I crossed the finish line.
  12. Thank U Orange & Blue. I used the setup that U said and got it on the 2nd try. I had -52 seconds left and had 9700+ points and that popped the Achieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevement!
  13. Im open to any suggestions you might have on how to beat this race. I have tried three different cars. A level 1, a level 2 and a level 3 car. I realize that changing the car and the engine will change the target time. I will finish the race 30 to 50 seconds early and with no damage and still not get enough points. Does anyone know the right CAR and SETUP to get the time and points and Achieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevement?
  14. Thank U, R E M. U helped me Achieve, thats whats its all about. Minor details make all the difference. U can also get the SUN TZU achievemnent by playing CO-OP and letting Lynch and the crew do all the shooting/killing. Kane can sit back and watch their back.
  15. 4 the Sun Tzu achievement can some1 please tell me the number of the level by 1-16.
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