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  1. I managed to get all collectibles and all the achievements popped fine... except the last one. I completed the last level, but the memory in the machine and the door did not open for the final scene. Has this particular nugget of awesomeness happened to anyone else?
  2. This actually works for me, on a level to level basis.
  3. I popped about 3 achievements and the game crashed and will NOT work. It will begin to load and repeatedly crashes. I have restarted my phone, as well as uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail. If anyone has a solution or a work-around for this issue, please respond and advise!
  4. I am having an issue with Kinzie's "Kill Wardens" challenge. I have killed 5 since the tracker has been stuck on 29, but it won't count the 30th I need to complete the challenge. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. Looking for someone that can help with finishing game in Hardcore. Can trade level 20, for anyone but Lucas. GT: Zen Vendetta
  6. It'd like to know if the game is region free or not. At present play-asia doesn't list it at all, so I was wondering if anyone here knew?
  7. Thank you anthonyd46. I had a little trouble getting your solution to work at first, however once I updated & reset my phone (turned it off and on again) it worked great! Thank you so much!
  8. hi .... just figured out how messages work on here .....

  9. Some people are just annoying, regardless of age. That aside, I think it is up to the parent what to they allow their kid to be subjected to. Not really my responsibility to curtail my language while playing a game that has profanity and violence in it anyway.
  10. Not much to say except to introduce myself. Be kind I am not great at this sort of thing. I'm a 30 (yes, 30) year old female gamer. I joined the site quite a while ago, but never really became an "active" type of member, but am hoping to change that soon. I am always looking for new friends and people to play games with. As soon as I figure this site out a little better I will create a list of games that I own ... if you ever want to play just drop me a line and if I am not busy otherwise I will be ready to play! Any questions? Feel free to ask. [End Intro]
  11. How did you get around the "glitched barrel"? I am having the same issue and cannot fix it for my ogre camp completion. Hopefully, there is a way around it, because I really do not want to do another run through just for that area. EDIT: A few short moments after I posed this question, I was able to move the large box into position for Puss to climb over to the ladder. It seems it had to be in just the right spot, but it worked. Hopefully, this helps anyone who had the same problem I did.
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