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  1. I must say, now that I've played Dead Island, I'm so happy that they took their time and polished the (still buggy) game!!! This game is a blast !!! going around with your buddies and kicking zombie ass while making weapons and eating fruit and drinking energy drinks.... A BLAST!!!! I'm just glad it didn't suck like Call of Juarez the Cartel... That game was AWFUL!
  2. You know, I said the same thing about Homefront. I really liked it. I love the MP, a little better than CoD.
  3. Growing up in the 70's 80's and so on so forth, I will give mine to Roseanne... Greatest show on the face of the earth!!!
  4. I know that if there is an update for XBL, it was say offline until that person signs in. Also if the person played say COD, on Saturday and hasn't been on since and there was an update for the game it will say that as well... Last but not least. You can block your online status so no one can see that you are on or offline. Just in case you're a stalker and want to be nosy on what your friends are doing... maybe they don't want to play with you... =/
  5. I use to sell on Ebay, then I kept getting taken for shipping as well, even using the shipping calculator. Seems like it would always charge 2.95 for shipping a game for Priority then when the item sold, I would go to print out the label it was always 2-3 dollars more. That's when I started using my own "shipping" method.
  6. I broke 50,000 last year in July with Red Dead Redemption.. After that, I think i'm only at 68,000.... I use to be all about achievements, but I just stopped caring. Don't know why but, I don't
  7. MAN.... Totally forgot about Crysis 2..... That was a good game. To many games to remember.
  8. Man I love the Game Mode, F**KING RUN... that is a blast... The story was short, but the different game modes is what makes it fun as hell to play... I guess different strokes for different folks... =)
  9. See I really like Homefront and Brink, I thought both are really good games. Granted, Brink had NO story what so-ever, but, it was a nice change in pace from your normal FPS. You know, I like the MP on Homefront better than I do COD, not knocking COD by any means, but I feel the MP is a little more realistic in Homefront than COD. Cod seems to be a little arcade-ish for me... But that don't mean i'm not spending almost every waking hour owning noob's in MP:uzi:
  10. You know what, I totally forgot about Portal 2... How much of a dumbass do I feel right about now... =P Such a great game. As for Dragon Age II, I never finished the first one. I plan on giving II a try, as soon as I find time to play through the first one. Dead Space 2, I tried the first one, I just couldn't get into it. I tried on several occasions but to no avail, I really wanted to like it. BGE, I tried the demo on XBL.. Didn't do anything for me. Maybe, ONLY MAYBE, if they ever make part 2 for the 360 i'll give it a try.
  11. This year, has seen many good games and well....many bad games. This summer so far, my favorite games are: L.A.Noire 10/10 Great game, Great story and really cool graphics/physics. F3AR 9/10 The DLC (Bought the game new) F**KING RUN is an ABSOLUTE Blast to play, Good story. Homefront 8/10 I love the MP, I love ability to buy upgrades on the fly, different classes for the different play styles...So fun. Toy Soldiers Cold War 8/10........FREAKING FUN!!! Fruit Ninja Kinect...8/10..... You are a NINJA... What more could you ask for? Bastion 8/10.... On the fly narration...ingenious. From Dust 8/10..... You play a god, of some sort, you get to manipulate the world with the pull of a trigger... and last but not least.... Brink...7.5/10 I know a lot of people had higher expectations for this game, wanting it to be another Fallout/Borderlands..well it's not, it's it's own game. I'm glad to see developers and publishers to worried to steer away from the everyday cookie cutter mold that everyone seems to have on FPS' and make their own twisted yet fun approach on the FPS... Single player may not be to much fun, but playing with friends is 5-6 hours of goodness....
  12. I'll agree with Wildmn34 on this one. How/Why in the hell would anyone from this site want to steal your account. I guarantee that you are not that important for anyone on here to steal your information. What happened is you gave someone else your information to boost you in a game, XBL, found out and gave your ass the boot. Happens everyday. Stop trying to pass the buck on someone else for your eff up. I hear, that in 2012 the world is going to end and we are all going to get on this big ship and float away and live in space... NO ONE IS OUT TO GET YOU... If they were, do you think they would do something else than steal your Xbox live account.... HA! Douche!
  13. I think someone else said this but i'll throw in my two cents. ONLINE PASSES... OK, I understand that when you buy a preowned game, the Developer, Publisher etc, does not get any compensation from the game... BUT, paying 60.00, plus tax for a game, if it sells 100,000 copies this in turn nets you a profit of 6,000,000. A budget for a game is a couple million for your standard release (NOT BIG NAME COMPANIES) which could be more, but all in all you will make a profit.why make someone pay an additional 10.00 which is standard for an online pass.. many games do not have a dedicated server's. So instead of charging extra for online passes you should pay customers to host your games, that is the majority of what is going on anyway. EA is bad for this, I have stopped playing EA games online due to this, and something else, I think it is stupid that you must be online to earn achievements but yet have to play an extra 10.00 for them... YOU ARE KILLING US!!!
  14. I don't know how many games I have quit do to piss poor camera controls. If I can't see what's going on around me then I have no need in finishing your game!
  15. I'm with Doomed paper on the Multiplayer achievements. I love MP, but getting 100,000 kills in Gears is just stupid, I know many people may have it but why makes us play through all that for just a small achievement point?
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