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    yaaawn .. tryna get 100 posts so i can post in the ebay garage sale section lol

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  1. That game of throne dude George Martin Amazing
  2. It is a great book ! !! It will teach you a valuable life lesson at the end It was the author's first book they ever wrote too btw.
  3. The Shining by Stephen King. It is a really great book that will make you think really abstractly about the world !
  4. Saints row 3. I actually got the achievement but it was a glitched one so I didn't get it. Sucks cause it was hard !
  5. I got spyro season of the ice for gba as a kid like 10 years ago. I played it for months and took it on vacation and stuff all the time. I also played the one on ps2 for years. I remember feeling really happy gliding
  6. add bazooka pooka for halo war campaign coop!
  7. ADD BAZOOKA POOKA ON XBL !!!!!!!!!! i need to get the club race victories achievement. i have a friend already. so we need one more person in our club. then we need 3 more people for the opposing club. ADD ME!!!!!!! we will take turns getting wins till both clubs get 3 wins
  8. we need one person with an extra controller, can do it anytime today just add me for triple kill
  9. add bazooka pooka !!!!!! i need to get the achievement for beating 3 friend score on leaderboard
  10. looking for 3 more people add me xbl , dont forget to tell me u from here doing tomorrow at around 10 am pst i guess (sunday) we are gona do it on grindyard cuz most people say that is the easiest map to do it Icy Dead People 25 Complete waves 1 through 50 on any Snowblind Map Pack map in Horde (any difficulty) For this you need to finish all 50 waves in any combination of the Snowblind maps. You can do 1-12 on one map, 13-33 on another and then 34-50 on a different one. So long as you complete all 50 unique waves on at least one of the maps, you will unlock the achievement.
  11. u can save before a hole all u gotta do is when u complete a hole without messing up, click exit game and it will save that hole then when u play the next hole and mess up just click exit game again and it wont save as long as u didnt hit ball in hole yet
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