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  1. On have one legend left , Yue Ying Yue Ying Battle of Wu Zhang Plains - Chapter 5 Turn right from second last map (poison swamp). Jump onto any elevated platform and look for box. but the box does not appear anywhere in the chapter, any ideas?
  2. Looking people to co-op with this weekend on chapter 3. Message me Ace24587 will be on around 8ct and most of the weekend.
  3. Yep same thing happens to me, I just saved and rebooted my console been play for 2-3 hours since and it's been fine.
  4. ok so Omega is the only character i have left to unlock besides cell jr and saibamen but for the life of me i cannot find the darn ssj4 capsule, im on my 4th play through with goku and ive beaten DU with every other character but the capsule just wont appear any ideas what i may have missed or im doing wrong? I know the guide says its on the islands near the world tournament but its not there when i search been searching for like 2 hours to no avail.
  5. Won't let me get " we cannot linger" by saving and quiting tried a few times tried picking up studs tried killing a few enemy's it just will not pop for menus I save and quit.
  6. Need 2 more people to help me and a friend get the transit achievements. Gamer tag is Ace24587 send me a message!
  7. That may work on the first 4 rounds but as soon as the 5th round starts I get grAppled and rushed its impossible to defend I have yet to last more than 5 seconds on round 5
  8. I'm sorry but the advanced world tournament in 1 is impossible I've been doing everything it's says on here and can't beat it. Currently on my 5th hour straight on this it's impossible the difficulty for the guide should be at least 8/10... I am so pissed right now...
  9. I don't understand, when I dodge they just jump over me and kick me off the map impossible to win this... So frustrating the difficulty of this game is way more than 3/10...
  10. Ok so I have 3 achievements left besides the online ones and I'm probably just stupid but can't figure 2 of them out first is attacking a body part 10 times done this plenty and never got it 2nd is the wakeup taunt I have no idea what this is lol. So any info would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I cant seem to get this either I have won all 3 belts on my created superstar and no achievement. Also I won them all at extreme rules and the 08-10 ecw belt won't unlock. Glitched maybe???
  12. I just set the match to win by finisher then set my finishers to infinite also kept restarting to get the 20 wins chevo as well haha
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