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  1. I'm going with the Game Pass option since I have a free month and $10 a month is pretty good even for just one game and I also plan on keeping it going for State of Decay 2 in May. I enjoyed the Alpha/Beta so I'm anxiously waiting.
  2. Do you have all the achievements? If so, the game crashes every time due to a bug that is being looked into by Illfonic. https://twitter.com/IllFonic/status/944323815105953792
  3. EDIT: This was fixed in the January 30, 2018 patch. ___ If you unlock all achievements in Friday the 13th: The Game it will crash every time you try to play as Jason or Counselor. DO NOT UNLOCK ALL ACHIEVEMENTS IN THIS GAME. References: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/14228-status-of-the-100-achievements-the-final-chapter-bug/?tab=comments#comment-196964 https://twitter.com/IllFonic/status/944323815105953792
  4. If you read the patch notes or anything on their social sites there is talk of matchmaking not being 100%. I would say it's better to just stick with LFG even if matchmaking were working given the abundance of people using LFG, sticking around for multiple games and using microphones. You often find people to continue playing with later on rather than some random with no mic.
  5. Make your own Private game and kick anyone that does this. Make a LFG post with your own rules and enforce them.
  6. Matchmaking is turned off due to server and game stability issues which likely won't be resolved until at least the first title update is released which is in certification with Microsoft. That update is not expected to release this week. You have to set up or join through private games using the built in Xbox LFG and Clubs and the Recent Players list. You can join immediately by viewing someone's profile and clicking join game as long as their room without being friends with the person who posted on LFG or through your recent history. Refer to official channels for updates: https://www.facebook.com/Fridaythe13thGame/ http://forum.f13game.com/
  7. The free Singleplayer campaign will be added this summer which will include BOTS.
  8. I would like to get the Achievements as well as the Badges. gamertag: The Crazy Beard USA/English/mic
  9. Achievements, XP, currency and Badges can be earned in Private games. As of this post, my Achievement progress is 17/1000 times played as Jason from playing on Friday and Saturday. Due to game crashes and disconnections it would be higher. Anyone has a 100% chance of playing Jason in a Private game with the host setting you or anyone else to specifically play Jason. This is noted by the red hockey mask icon next to your gamertag in the lobby. Alternatively, you can set your player preference to Jason or Counselor. I would assume most people probably have that set to Jason. You only need 2 people in a private match to start the game. You'll need a full group to get some of the Achievements but most can be boosted in a two player private game with players meeting up somewhere on the map. I would also assume that the upcoming Sinpleplayer campaign, which is a free expansion, will help earn progress towards the existing achievements and badges. If you had a full group of eight who wanted to boost, you could get a lot of the Achievements out of the way and finish up the 1000 over time with a single friend. There is also the LFG system on Xbox One and game specific Clubs including those going after Achievements. Due to issues with matchmaking and the servers all people are doing right now is playing Private games. Sometimes coordinating the very specific kill Achievements/Badges and the more elaborate kill challenges What really needs to get resolved is the game crashing and disconnections which prevent game progress for completing matches. It happens a lot so plenty of games result in no XP, currency or game completions. As I understand it, the Xbox One version may be an older build and we haven't received the title updates that Steam and PS4 are running. If you don't want to play private games and/or boost, then it's going to take a while to hit 1000G.
  10. Add me as a GRN Friend so we can Tag each other for the Achievement: https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/ghost/profile/59b572aca7a242d28cc90212f71dc1df/The-Crazy-Beard Join my Task Force for Achievements and the Season Challenges: https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/task-force/profile/98/Wildland-Operators _________ Season 1 Challenges: Week 1: Completed. No longer available. Week 2: Completed. No longer available. Week 3: Completed. No longer available. Week 4: Completed.
  11. Add me as a GRN Friend so we can Tag each other for the Achievement: https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/ghost/profile/59b572aca7a242d28cc90212f71dc1df/The-Crazy-Beard Join my Task Force for Achievements and the Season Challenges: https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/task-force/profile/98/Wildland-Operators
  12. Achievement Guide from the steam version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=722148709 * Achievements are locked because it's a Game Preview game but the game records what you've completed and your progress can be viewed in game. They will pop when they allow the Achievements to do so.
  13. EDIT: They've added UNO to the Uplay Club web site: https://club.ubi.com/#!/en-GB/game/uno Rewards: UNO-ize your Destktop (FREE) - Desktop Wallpaper for use outside the game on a PC. All Emotions (10U) - A set of AI opponent personalities. Jump-in House Rules (20U) - Use Jump-In in all modes of play. Explanation of Jump-in house rule from the physical card game instructions: Same rules as UNO® card game, except: If you are holding the exact same card (identical color and number) as the card on top of Discard Pile, you may play it immediately, regardless of whose turn it is. For example: If a “Blue 6” is on top of the DISCARD pile and you have a “Blue 6” in your hand, you may play it even if it’s not your turn. Play resumes from the player who played the last card (the player who “jumped in”). Two important things to remember: 1. If you have 2 matching cards in your hand, you may play them back-to-back, but they must be played one at a time (place one card in the DISCARD pile, reach back to your hand, then play the second). This gives another player a chance to ‘jump in’ and stop you from playing a second card. 2. If you “jump in” with a Skip, Reverse, Draw Two or Wild Draw Four, the second identical card played cancels out the first. (Follow normal UNO® card game rules for these cards beginning with the player who played the second identical card.) "Celebration" BGM (20U) - New music track for classic matches. Game Music Pack (30U) - Uno soundtrack for play outside of the game. UNO Master (30U) - New playercard background. Actions: Basic Training: Complete your first game, any modes. (10U + 50XP) Comp Stomp: Win 5 games in Classic Match, local only. (10U + 75XP) A Present for You: Force opponent to draw 20 cards. (15U + 125 XP) My House: Win 5 Online Games using all three House Rules. (20U + 200XP) Mic Drop: Successfully call Uno 100 times. (25U + 200XP) Champion: Win 30 games in any Online Mode. (30U + 300XP) Badges: Play Uno. Complete all Club Actions. Obtain all Club Rewards. Reach Level 50 in Online Multiplayer. Finish "Ultimate Collector" Action. Win 50 2v2 Matches in any Online Mode. Game Progression: You Can Trust Me: Successfully Blue Draw 4 10 times, any mode. (50XP) Pit Boss: Challenge a missed Uno 20 times, any mode. (100 XP) I'll Take That: Swap Hands with 30 players, any mode. (150 XP) Hot Potato: Stack a draw penalty 30 times, any mode. (150 XP) Climbing the Ranks: Reach level 10 in Online Multiplayer. (200 XP) Classic Collector: Unlock all Classic Medals, online only. (250 XP) Show 'Em: Successfully challenge a Wild Draw Four 30 times, online only. (300 XP) Team Player: Win 15 2v2 Matches, any mode. (350 XP) Ultimate Collector: Unlock all Medals, online only. (500 XP).
  14. The Springening Sticker Pack is available from March 22-April 4, 2016. It contains 4 decoations (2 per side) and a Super Brainz hat and a Corn Cob hat.
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