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  1. One of the last 2 achievements i need in this game, i only have a two handed weapon, and would very much appreciate someone lending me the rest of the equipment. I would of course be returning it as soon as the achievement pops. GT: MEGAMAN2509
  2. Id say i had a pretty successful first day, I started and finished Nutjitsu, and unlocked 3 for 125 in diablo 3: UEE which were my pre-loads
  3. Looking for a casual team for this years comp. it will be my first year participating as last year my team was disqualified cause an a**hole on my team cheated. I have a fairly large backlog of games to play, but I'm definitely not in it to win it. Hit me up if you need another player
  4. Just lost my level 67 witch doctor, and went to do this glitch, but it didnt work I read and watched the video before in case it happened and followed it exactli but i still lost my character.
  5. Finished Peggle 2 a few days ago. Now working on a mix of Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition and Guacamelee!
  6. Finally got the 1000 in lego marvel! It was the longest lego game I've played and am happy to be done it. Currently working through Dust, what an amazing game!
  7. Finished Far Cry Classic a few days ago, and almost done Fable III. Just need 1000 henchmens gold and all the clothes (if anyone's got them, I'd be happy to help with something else in return) for the original 1000, but I'll probably wait till the dlc goes on sale to do that After that I'll probably start Max: Curse of the Brotherhood, cause it seems like a simple enough completion. Also contemplating starting Dark Souls, but I feel like it will be way too hard and I'll end up giving up.
  8. Finished sixty second shooter prime on Xbox One yesterday. Really easy 1000 and only $5! The 2 million point achievement was kinda difficult but nothing too bad. I actually really enjoyed it while it lasted, and may even load it up sometime in the future when I'm bored
  9. This is a great method. I've gotten from 46 to 90 in the last week using this method. Edit: just hit rank 100
  10. To Darkened Night, I am in need of some legendary weapons I know it's a fair amount but I would be extremely greatful if I could get them just to get the achievement. Swords Avo's Lamenation Beadle's Cutlass The Merchant's Bodyguard Slimquick Souldrinker The Splade The Swinging Sword Thunderblade Hammers Aurora's Shield Dragonbone Hammer Faerie Hammer of the Moon King Hammer of Wilmageddon Jack's Hammer Scythe's Warhammer Sorrow's Fist Tannar's Glory The Tenderiser The TYPO Pistols Bloodcraver Briar's Blaster Chickenbane Desert Fury Dragonstomper .48 Gnomewrecker Holy Vengeance The Ice Maiden Mirian's Mutilator Rifles Facemelter The Hero's Companion Marksman 500 The Sandgoose Scattershot The Shrieking Pilgrim Simmon's Shotgun Skorm's Justice Gt: Megaman2509
  11. Finished all I want to of Trials Fusion for Xbox One, done everything except Inferno IV, I just can't finish it.. Now on to Far Cry Classic, Watch Dogs, and then Dark Souls.
  12. Just finished up Star Wars: the force unleashed yesterday and now working on gears of war 2. I started it a while ago but only got a few achievements so now I am going back to get as many as I can.
  13. I'm free this weekend for this one and any others
  14. Looking for someone to help power level my gunzerker. He is currently 38 but I keep getting my ass kicked in tvhm (can't find good enough weapons) Also need help killing terramorphous as it is my last mission
  15. Looking to get arena master as well as glork! Shoot me a message if interested GT: Megaman2509
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