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  1. Haven't touched a cod campaign since MW3 6 years ago and likely never will again, I will however say this cod hit the nail in the head for MP for me. I'm not exactly the best, and I didn't enjoy the whole titanfall rip that was the last few games as it just wasn't executed as well(didn't even buy infinite), but this whole return to form is exactly what the franchise needed. I spent the first week just on with friends and it was the best damn fun I'd had in a long time since my college days, again, 6 years ago. (jesus I'm only 25 but saying this makes me feel ancient) I also believe this is what they were trying to achieve, I haven't seen it myself but apparently there was an ad aimed at the older gamer crowd who all played when they were in high school or whatever and looking to get folk back together like the good old days. Just sitting up stupid late with my dearest and closest friends, killing zombies, playing war, and chatting about life and work and other adult crap, it's like we've never grown apart. For that I thank cod/sledgehammer, this game is fantastic.
  2. My only gripe is that I have none, nothing major at least, cursor menus, odd (but not bad) intro to the story, skulled enemies but no way to know what level they actually are for returning to simply that I should run for now lol. And thats about it really. I love it all, the UI is so un-intrusive and I love it, I'm glad they stripped it back so you can really enjoy the amazing world. The combat is slick, and the enemies can be really fierce (Phylakitai anyone?), and there's no cheap and easy standing in a circle of enemies parrying one by one. The Microtransactions make no difference at all, sure I grabbed some materials with the free 200 points, but apart from that I haven't been back there (GOOD JOB UBISOFT KEEP THIS UP) The climbing/parkour flows perfectly for the most part, that said I haven't actually played since the intro to 3 so I'm not sure how it has been in recent games. The material gathering is actually enjoyable, raiding ships and taking out caravans for ores or hunting animals, I actively walk places if I know I can get a good chunk of mats. And there's actually plenty to do in each region! Not too much dead space is a great addition to any open world game.
  3. I only heard of this game two days ago...was convinced it was just an indie title but still something to look into. I'm guessing AAA title price is far too steep on this one?
  4. Transversive steps in place of an actual warlock armour piece. Oh boy... Not too fussed as exotics are thrown in such numbers that I have the main 3 that I'd ever need, still pretty shit though that one class gets an generic piece instead of exclusive.
  5. Also 4 games here, the percentages earned seem a bit off though, I was getting around 15 to 20 til I hit 75 then jumped to 100. Would be easier just to say 1/4 etc lol...
  6. Doesn't that daft pre-queue message ask the player to use a mic so they can talk tactics and mechanics? haha That's breaking the guardian code!
  7. Ah okay, I didn't realise some people hadn't got tickets, I got something like 12 tickets on first reset then 6 on last reset through the postmaster, haven't actually needed to try it though as I tend to play with a buddy and grab a random for our third anyway. Bit odd though, beta or not surely just giving out tickets would encourage people to use it and possibly reduce the timer.
  8. Can always do guided games but I hear the queue timers are crazy.
  9. What time are you thinking? I can't do too late as I work stupidly early shifts. I don't imagine it'd be possible to beat the raid before reset though lol.
  10. Not really running raids atm but I'm on a lot for weeklies when they reset (so like...one day a week lul), happy to group up though for the rest of them since soloing heroics is a pain for the flashpoints and PvP, make sure to join the clan! ah yeh gt changed to: Quortza
  11. But who's more dumb? The clickbaiters or the clickbaited?
  12. Yeah just asked my friend and he is the same, only had duplicates so far this week anyway haha, so not exactly anything to write home about.
  13. Could've sworn an exotic was guaranteed from at least 1 of the 5? I've had one every time, not that they're anything special now mind you, but it's nice to get.
  14. You need to be in a party of at least 2, and of course you will need 3 anyway to do the nightfall section.
  15. Bring back heroics, give these 2 modifiers and maybe a 15 min timer instead of 10, give nightfalls 4/5 mods and remove the timers and I'm game. Also, isn't the final power score like 360? Unless they're adding more free content before the 1st DLC then there's just a long ass grind from 300 to 360 using power engrams...and that's just dire...I also refuse to call these DLC "expansions" after the farce that was the first season pass...
  16. Prism actually seemed to get disabled at some point yesterday, thank god for that since every damn fallen and their mum uses arc. Though I find it odd that they did dial back the amount of modifiers in nightfalls, the whole point was to really set it apart from strikes but instead it's just strikes with a very minor twist.
  17. Well, it's good at something at least. Nightfall and crucible engrams ready from Hawthorne if anyone is heading on btw. I'd also like to add that in the 3 weeks worth of weeklies I got my very 1st match of clash today in crucible, I was almost certain that they just outright removed that mode.
  18. Prism modifier 3 weeks running. Did they even make new ones for this game? Crucible - Supremacy 6 games in a row, Javelin map 4 times in a row, without returning to orbit. God, what even is this game sometimes...
  19. So I now have to play with twitter on refresh every second to make sure I'm not just getting randomly disconnected, strange. Name one other mmo style game, lite or otherwise, that does not have an in game announcement of server downtime prior to it happening. Heck there are some fucking f2p games that do this...and they don't have 1.2 million players...
  20. GT: Quortza Haven't played a racer in a while, might as well give an entry!
  21. What does prestige add to the difficulty? I would hope it's not just shoot more bullets, not tried it myself yet.
  22. Yet another unannounced maintenance window. Looks like I won't be getting rat king's crew quest done this week...
  23. Bit dusty on the Gundams there lol, how long have you been collecting?
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