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  1. Don't worry. I started a new 2nd DLC save game and it unlocked in the 3rd mission.
  2. EDIT: Don't worry, it was a profile problem. For some reason my profile would not load the unlocked achievements. I just re-downloaded the profile and re-did the levels and it worked.
  3. Hello, just a quick question... when did your 'general master' achievement unlock? I'm currently at 61 with no achievement! Edit: Popped it at 62. My advice is to just keep going, however I did resort back to Jago after doing 60/61 with Orchid, but this is probably just a coincidence.
  4. It does happen. It was only yesterday when I got paired up with a rank 18-21-23 and 25. Today I have so far been given an 11, 15 and 18. Oh, I am a button masher with a 32% win ratio, seem's fair right
  5. I am a BUTTON MASHER for life! I am just so bad against other players. Still, practice makes perfect.
  6. ignore my OP. I found out you could be banned... not worth the hassle
  7. Hey, I am wondering if anyone can help. I accidently deleted my fifa 10 ultimate team DLC file and I cant glitch the last few achievements. Will anyone be willing to copy theres and send it to me? or is fround upon?
  8. Hey, I am looking for my level 50 friend for the G.O.A.T achievement! Message me on XBOX LIVE if you can help me out and we can come up with some other arrangement in return Thank You! GT: KiDLUCiF3R
  9. I do not mean to spam your OP but I have 42/39 inventory slots. You are probably wondering what that means but I have 42(49 including equipped) items in my backpack out of a possible 39. I have no fully loaded achievement Anyone have any ideas what I can do?
  10. Did you ever find out if the glitch prevented you from gaining all the completed missions achievement? I too have this glitch where I can not turn in the mission so I am wondering if I will not be able to pop 'made in fyrestone'.
  11. I can not figure a way to kill the final boss. I have not struggled at all during the entire play through on hard maybe once during 'making the future' because the heli's didn't spawn so I has to rely on a tank and the checkpoints but this boss is just agonising for me! I know I will get there but I just can not finish him in 3 mins. 30 secs extra and I would be laughing...
  12. I went to bed, woke up and still have the problem, I have checked out a few forums and noticed some people have had the same problem but I did go on and double checked I did it right. The things I notice is that if I change it to SUN then Long Gui and Faeryl WILL both appear. If I run over then I have to find a way to move the Gui (STORM,) If i change it to storm, cloud or rain, they move and I am left with just the orange (!) mark. I am just going to grind out and find myself a nice Blue and Red Chocobo untill something changes. EDIT: ok I have just obtained a Red Chocobo and the bugger showed up? I really doubt this was the reason holding me back but there must of been a bug somewhere down the line. All good now
  13. I need some serious help with Faeryl to spawn. I have changed the weather to the storm to move the Long Gui but Faeryl will not appear? I will run over to the mark and nothing will make him spawn, So I run back, change the weather and nope... still no Faeryl? When the weather is sunny I can see him behind the LG but not once the weather has changed. I have used this guide to check my progress to see if I have missed anything... http://uk.gamespot.com/features/final-fantasy-xiii-2-walkthrough-6349295/?page=18 - I have changed leaders - I have turned the xbox off and on again - I have moved Locations in the crux and back Have i missed something in the steppe? I have hit all the cacturs, should I of? I have done the missions leading up to this. I am told to... (!) Defeat the Faeryl [ ] Move the Long Gui Anyone else had this problem?
  14. Im confused with this achievement... I am at chapter 6 (I made a save at 6, 7 and 8) SO... I'm at the start of chapter 6 and have decided to go through my diary.. I have over 1000 logs. to be precise, 1412. Im assuming there might be double conversations but it had me wondering, why has it not popped at the end of my game? if I have over 1400 logs and played chapter 7 and 8 aswell then why did it not pop?
  15. Hi everyone, I need some friends on my list that I can just ping messages too when we are free. I need all the Horde achievements but I will kindly help others with any other achievements in return. Send me an FI AND message on live. GT: KiDLUCiF3R
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