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  1. That's really smart and let's hope nobody mis-tag some files. I guess Forza 7 will be on 2 Bluray discs looking at how it's 100gb+. With games for Xbox One X going 100gb+, it really sucks for those who went all digital. I wonder if, in the future, there will be a game that could be spread over their limit of 15 discs
  2. I don't think this is even gonna come out this gen.
  3. I wonder if they'll add new different loot in the future patches.
  4. I hope there's an open beta later if I don't get into the closed one.
  5. Why do we need another thread about the beta when you could have posted in the existing one?
  6. Weird how come PS4 gets to be open beta for weekend 2 but not Xbox One.
  7. Aaron Taylor-Johnson: main actor in Kick-Ass Ken Watanabe: the rich Japanese in Inception Elizabeth Olsen: one of the Olsen sisters who will be Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2 Juliette Binoche: a known French actress Bryan Cranston: the father in Malcolm in the Middle and main actor in Breaking Bad
  8. Apparently, the trailer will be released exclusively on Jimmy Kimmel show.
  9. You need to get your eyes checked out.
  10. hoyrpen

    Cover art

    At least it's no weird frontal like Bioshock Infinite. But 60 awards?
  11. Don't know where you heard of all the hate Ted got because it got a lot of praises and broke box office records.
  12. I think I'll get it later. Maybe they'll release a version with all the DLCs?
  13. Was Oblivion the first RPG on 360? It came out 4 months after the console came out.
  14. Very, very doubt it. There's nothing close that says there will be a sequel.
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