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  1. Not really any point in having a new thread option for newcomers is there? Oh well. if that's the case then others could be a bit more polite about it rather than insulting you and not giving a link or something, are there no rules on how people must speak towards others? Because in every thread I visit there is nothing but constant bickering and insults.
  2. I love this site, I look everyday for news and useful guides but what really puts me down is if i post a thread trying to help others and someone complains about it and it gets closed instantly. Is there any point in anyone posting threads anymore, its like as soon as one person does all the others get ignored even if they have something useful to say to help others, its just depressing, that's why my post count is so low and i barely make threads. Closed thread incoming....
  3. I always carried a shambler with me on ranger hardcore, I think you can restart the chapter and get one somewhere, maybe buy one from the civilians if you can't, a tip as well when fighting before getting on the boat is camp at the dock area where you jump on, throw an incindiary grenade down to help keep them back and plug them when they get close
  4. Hey guys just thought I would log in to tell some of you how I unlocked the shadow ranger and ranger mode achievements since there have been alot of issues with these achievements in particular, I know there is a thread on this already anyway here we go. *Shadow Ranger* This one i got bumped on my first playthrough, I've only done two btw, i played on easy, didnt kill anyone until D6 with the flamethrower guy at the end and the tank if that counts either... Achievement didnt unlock. So i started Ranger Hardcore and played a little differently mainly killing enemies on the chase level, the sniper fight and the end of D6, Artyom pulls the handle, i got the bad ending... Nothing. So i went to the dashboard and went to storage device and deleted ONLY Ranger Mode (i don't believe this affects shadow ranger but i did it anyway) and moved my D6 autosave to the cloud, loaded up the game again, redownloaded Ranger Mode from the in-game store and continued my game, i did not restart D6! If you continue your gane you will be right at the end of the level where the Reds train smashes through and Artyom must turn the handle, just as he did my achievement unlocked. This may be a glitch in the save because if you load up your autosave from the cloud and check the chapters there is only two avaiable but continuing allows you to start the end of D6 thus meaning the game hasn't recognised any kills before hand in previous levels because well there not there so killing the flame guy is definitely ok. *Ranger Mode Achievements* Now for these ones, i should really have got these with Shadow Ranger but i didnt, here's how i did it... Basically i did everything above as it was in the same playthrough, after not recieving the achievements i went to the dashboard and storage device and deleted ONLY Ranger Mode and moved my D6 autosave. Now this is what i did for Shadow Ranger i know but i never recieved the Ranger Mode achievements when i got Shadow Ranger, so after getting Shadow i went back to storage device on the dashboard and moved my D6 save back from the cloud to my hard drive, loaded up the game and continued at the end of D6, i didn't restart through the chapter select and boom as Artyom turns the handle, 2 for 110gs. I know its a bit of a read but i hope this helps some people Credit goes to the people that found this fix, just thought i would explain in-depth how i did it after reading up on it.
  5. I'll help U mate if U don't mind helping me on the last few missions, basically a speed run on easy for your co-op achievements and then the last few missions again for me, shouldn't take too long Its really easy
  6. Need a partner for a few games of bombing run since my boosting buddy ignores me now lol hit me up with a msg and we'll arrange a time cheers guys Edit - done thanks to my mate DEEPTREAD
  7. If anyone is still playing this game I need a partner for the last few levels in co-op. Will help in return, would be greatly appreciated gamertag is MeDiCaTeDHaMsTe Edit - Done Thanks to r3gn4r
  8. Awesome I may or may not have a friend that still has this game, I've messaged him to find out.
  9. hey man I sent u a reply on the Xbox, if your still up for this then we need 2 more people, I'm off work for 3 days so we can easily knock these cheevo's out the way greatly appreciate the help guys
  10. Are you still doing this? Would greatly appreciate it
  11. Over the course of the game but its easy in one go anyway
  12. Nice guide managed to get them all without one though.
  13. Forgot about ice cream truck missions, them as well please rock star!
  14. Co-op missions like gta iv had but more of them, a horde mode of some sort, I love horde mode in games and generally more side missions like San Andreas had, fire truck, taxi, ambulance, bmx etc. Better melee combat system too
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