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  1. In CoD Black ops, my team of a few RL buds put together a 45 match Headquarters/Search and Destroy win streak....I still remember how that night/morning started, with me saying "ok, I guess I will play but only till we lose."
  2. I knew every character in that game sounded a bit familiar lol! I kind of learned it the hard way, but when you start The Last Remnant, make sure you install the game first. It runs extremely choppy, but if you install it, its slightly better
  3. The entire Disgaea series as well as Valkyrie Chronicles.
  4. Worst: Black ops 2. I dont mind that they showed gameplay, but at least throw your zombie fans a bone and show some of the gameplay from that as well! Best: I might just buy the new southpark game now. I loved Matt and Trey's part of the conference!
  5. I actually liked that game enough to 1000/1000 it! I personally have been giving some games a second chance lately, and really enjoyed them! I guess it really just depends on how your feeling when you first pick it up. Wasn't a fan of Red Dead when I first played, but im about to give it a second try
  6. CoD Black ops, which coincidentally was the last multiplayer FPS I played.
  7. Button mashing games...the bane of my existence.
  8. A peg-leg, missing eye, gingivitis, and a case of scurvy almost sound like an even tradeoff for a parrot that makes snarky comments and a life of pillaging/plundering..
  9. Record of the Agarest War Fallout 3 Mass Effect 2 Portal 2 I just picked up skyrim a couple days back and so far its a 10/10, but I have a lot of hours to put in before I can give it a complete 10/10 A few other games on other systems I give a 10/10 Zombies ate my neighbors(Snes) Valkyrie Chronicles (ps3) Demon's Crest (Snes) Final Fantasy Tactics (PS) Doom 2 (PC) Star Ocean: Till the end of time (PS2)
  10. Beowulf....bought it at gamestop used for $3.50 and thought to myself "It cant possibly be that bad, right?" Returned it less than 24 hours later
  11. Never stand near flammable explosive barrels -about every action/fps game ever made
  12. I had a few unrecognized disc issues lately as well. All I had to do was take my hard-drive out, and then put it back in...ridiculously simple fix that actually worked. Shockingly I can thank Xbox online support for that lol
  13. Reasons like this are why I dislike politics so much....everything just feels so shady....
  14. When I used to play CoD I would get occasional messages from sore losers, bashing my GS. Now though, I don't play too much online so its become a thing of the past
  15. Paulson

    Game lethargy?

    I'm currently in one myself. There are games that I do want to play, but I just don't really care to go out of my way and pick them up. I think its a combination of multiple things...boredom with gaming, lack of disposable income, other hobbies, and the feeling that there are more constructive uses for my free time atm.
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