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  1. Last game I got was Spyro reignited. 120 percented already lol. Red dead is next
  2. Has anyone played this game lol. No guide, no threads nothing. Is it a bad game? I'm downloading it cause it's free and the achievements seem straightforward for the most part. Is the list hard to obtain 100 percent?
  3. OK I been doing some research and from what I was able to gather is spyro 1 is on the disc. The other two are in a day one update for 19gb. Any truth to this? Reason why I'm asking is I'm really only interested in the first one. Fav childhood game. So I'm getting the physical copy so will that mean I can play the first one right away while the others download? Or will I have to wait for it all to download before I can play it.
  4. ok maybe achievements ruined gaming was a little too much, and whats wrong with saying cheevos? its a little faster and for some reason typing achievements is quite annoying. Only reason what I said it ruined gaming is because even if your not a completionist only having 5-40 points on a game is annoying. especially on a easy game. Over the years if a game had hard achievements I wouldnt buy it or play it at all. Yet if the achievements are fairly easy I would be all over it. i understand achievements would push you to do things you wouldnt. So It has its ups and downs like everything else. Just look at stallion83 he said in an interview once that gaming isnt even enjoyable anymore because all he does it get all the achievements then moves on to the next game. And again I understand that is his choice. But turning your hobby into something that you dont enjoy, its not a hobby anymore. Games are meant to be enjoyed not a chore.
  5. Do you guys remember back in the day before all this internet mumbo jumbo? When you use to go to the store and just waste time looking at all the games not knowing what the reviews are or how easy/hard the achievements are. This is actually how I came across FF7, Just buying a game not knowing whether its good or bad, thats half the excitement right there. It did suck when you finally got home and the game was actually quite bad. Over the years I have noticed that I wont even try a game out because of the achievements, I didnt want to unlock a couple and then be stuck with 30 or 40 points. Im not a completionist but I like knowing I gave it my all until the point of no return. That point where you're just so bored and tired you dont want anything to do with that game lol. Anyways the point of this thread is to just let people know that a game shouldnt be played based on the achievements or the review. Just put it in your xbox and lets get gaming lol. So I have decided to play EVERY xbox 360 retail game listed on this site. At first this seemed like a daunting task but then I thought about it and I will most likely enjoy about 70% of the games out there if not more. I like all genres which you can see if you ever check out my achievements. So starting today I am going to finish all the games that I have already started on my gamercard then start playing all the other games from A-Z. Unfortunately im not rich so I have to go through gamefly to get my hands on this many games. So im going to be doing this for years to come, and you know what im ok with that because I know I missed alot over the years and the xbone isnt going anywhere anytime soon. I might need some help and im a big co-op fan so if anyone wants to add me my GT: Are You My Dady
  6. im almost at 10k 9845 or something like that. im slacking I know lol
  7. well that was pretty cool lol
  8. I got it to work finally, thanks
  9. Its just not there, Im not missing any updates or anything. You are talking about the menu with Go full screen, pin to home etc, etc that screen right?
  10. :mad: The eject button seems to have broke and for the life of me I cant manually eject it. Any possible way of ejecting with the controller or kinect that im not seeing?
  11. Just happen to come across your game collection and im pretty speechless, if you ever want to sell it let me know. I have quite the snes and 360 collection my self but im lacking in everything else lol

  12. First midnight release I have been to was modern warfare 2. Stood there for like 4 hrs and had a great time. I actually have a lot of memories from that night. Since then midnight releases have been getting worse and worse I actually gave up on them last one I went to was for mortal kombat(9) and I was just so tired by the time I got home I only played 1 or 2 matches and I was like eff this ill play it in the morning. Ever since then I havent been in a rush to get a game and just bought it months down the road when it was cheaper and have just as much fun on it then I would have the night it came out. Hanging out with fellow gamers who are all interested in the same shit as you is very exciting though. Usually you talk about video games in public and its just awkward its nice to get away from all the judgmental people now and then just not for me anymore, getting old I guess lol
  13. I need the two co op achievements and I have this game out on gamefly and its the only two I have left so the sooner the better please and thank you. Gamertag: Are You My Dady available just about whenever.
  14. Definetly picking it up now that I know the monthly fees are scrapped. Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it. Been pretty pumped about this game, always been an elder scrolls fan.
  15. If other threads exist for these questions please just point me in the right direction because these questions are pretty much a deal breaker for me. First of all I heard a rumor that they scrapped the monthly fee for this game is that true? Also I understand this is a multiplayer game but will I be able to thoroughly enjoy it without much communication? I have never really liked talking to a group of people while trying to enjoy a game. I usually get lost in conversation then im mindlessly running around and I dont know much of what is happening lol. I really want to at least try this game out, but with monthly fees ill pass. A free trial period would be cool but then i will unlock some achievements and ill get sucked in and end up paying just to get the rest of them.
  16. its only 6 bucks right now
  17. Gamefly finally sent this to me and I noticed it says Disc 1 on it. I was just wondering if disc 2 is necessary and gamefly messed it up or if its just for extras. I'd really hate to play a majority of the game and then not be able to finish it. Loved it on the 360 and im pretty pumped for reaper of souls. Any info would be appreciated, thank you.
  18. Could I start a petition or something to get infinity wards attention to actually do something about this? Or is it useless and I should just stop playing the game? I love cod4, probably my favorite multiplayer game to date. I just cant take it when I get in a match with cheaters. Not only is it boring and very irritating but they are just getting away with it, no one cares and thousands of people still play this game so I dont understand why this is even happening. So like the title says is there anything us cod4 fanboys can do to stop these pricks?
  19. I can play any game that I own and be perfectly fine but when I try to play this game I lag all over the place. Its weird lag too, I can see what everyone is doing and everything but when I try to move I keep glitching back and forth. Its so annoying. If its just me im going to be pissed because I have had this game since day one and I just want a chance to play and knowing that I might never be able to properly enjoy it is sad
  20. Dont bother playing this until further notice, achievements dont unlock and online play is a game of patience. back to the 360 for me. Ugh i really like this too
  21. I was going to get TMCC regardless but I was worried that halo 2 was going to use just the default control scheme. Im even more stoked that bumper jumper will be availabe for halo 2
  22. Hi guys! I have officially started a Call of duty 4 Search and Destroy community. Im tired of playing with the kids online that mod and for some reason all the people that play for real are no good at all. I dont understand it. So im hoping to get a bunch of people together to play some snd. If youre interested add me on xbl my gamertag: Are You My Dady Love to get this going, I know a lot would love to play this game again. Join the session http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/call-of-uty-4-modern-warfare/showSession-2015
  23. Tried it, I just gave up. It will let me download it one of these days...hopefully
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