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  1. You should have chosen the "leave asylum" option. then you get another level and a different ending. thats all i'll say
  2. Who else was as stoked as me when you were walking around your mansion and the matrix music kept playing. I loved that as im a huge fan of the movies.
  3. Oh nice...thanks for letting me know I never played 11 or 10-2 so i cant comment on those. i kinda gave up after 10. but then got back in at 13, so im excited about 13-2.
  4. OH shit..that doesnt sound very good then. I'll try it on normal difficulty and hopefully i can make it through. I find the FF games alot harder now a days then they were back in the earlier ones. FF 10 is when i found they got hard.
  5. Hi everyone, just curious if anyone who has it, or knows, does playing on easy difficulty effect the amount of xp you will receive? Thanks
  6. do you guys think the time of day matters on when he will be in the inns? i keep forwarding the time until about midnight or after, but i still cant find him. and im pretty sure i've been to all the inns.
  7. I'm not sure why it does it to some people but im guessing something must just throw it off. like when you kill the last witness it says bounty is removed, maybe that has some effect with it, im not sure. I'm just glad i got it the 2nd time around.
  8. This happened to me last night. then i sat down tonite, did it again and it unlocked for me. Not as soon as the 1000 hit in the last place, but about 10 seconds later when i thought i didnt get it lol.
  9. Where is exactly is this trader in riverwood? thanks
  10. Yeah man im having the exact same problem as you. i was playing earlier this morning and since the event got added i cant get back on to play. its really pissing me off.
  11. I am interested in getting the MVP achievement. If there are 3 other people here who are also wanting to get this, send me a FR, gamertag Belly of Horror. i am usually available each weeknight from 5 est to 8 est. Hope to get this done and be done with the racing. thanks EDIT: got my achievement for MVP. Thanks to the peeps who helped out.
  12. I really like the scorcher and lancer too...but after doing the hammer of dawn earlier, that just surprised me. i was like it was sooo good.
  13. Yeah i hope something carries over, but im not sure if anything will. Either way im excited for this and can not wait. think i'll have a playthrough of dead rising 2 again try to level up more just in the off case something does lol.
  14. I searched online and couldnt find anything, does anyone know if anything, carries over from dead rising 2? or nothing, because this is a whole new game??? thanks
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