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  1. I'm looking to get the online cheevos that need 5 players and onyx guard.
  2. Looking for 3 people to do the entire campaign on insane. I have super reload and infinite ammo unlocked. Send me request letting me know your from here.
  3. I know this thread is a bit old but the glitch worked for me. When your in stealth mode and the enemy walks buy stab him and he'll freeze and then you can just continue stabbing him until you get the achievement lol.
  4. Looking to boost all online achievements and maybe do some coop on insane. If anybody's interested send me a message with title gow boost or coop. Thanks.
  5. I still need help with some of the older achievements including sac lamb and see me stab me one. I also would like to go for the new dlc achievements. If anybody's interested message me and let me know your from here so I know. Thanks
  6. Anyone still boosting this game? I'm looking to get the online achievements. Just put in the message your from here so I know. Thanks. Got my boosting partners. No more requests. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the guide, finally got my 100% :-)
  8. Thanks for the great guide helped me find the last few remaining cars that I needed
  9. Thanks for the great guide helped me find the last few remaining cars that I needed
  10. Can't wait. I have just 2 cars left and roscoe and friends achievement to get from the main campaign. This will be another added 100% once all said and done
  11. Gotta thank the makers of the guide and the videos because without them these damn collectables would take forever and since I'm a parent and don't have all the time in the world it helps
  12. I checked the marketplace, it is still there. I got it at the 800mp but not sure if it's still that now.
  13. Thanks for guide OE, the only difficult achievement so far was that darn bulletproof windshield one. Other than that so for by following your guides the rest were pretty easy.
  14. Well I just like to say I did something stupid yesterday. I erased my main save file by accident . Now I can't get to the new cases. I was all the way to the VICE cases. I have to start all over grr. Oh well, I managed to pick up a few extra achievements. Still mad at myself for doing that.
  15. Thanks for the guide. Helped me out with a lot of the cases.
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