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  1. Anyone looking to level up and do some co-op holodome stuff let me know. Sakic26
  2. Sakic26...Will stick it out as well. Can't stand randoms anymore
  3. If anyone needs to do the regen challenges, hit me up. Looking to start knocking the rest of this game out. GT is SAKIC26
  4. Looking for anyone who wants to do some of the co-op achievements and beating the campaign on Heroic in co-op.. GT is Sakic26
  5. Anyone up for Dark Zone stuff? Low level here and would love to get a party together to boost some of it. GT is Sakic26
  6. Looking to gen boost as well as boost wins. Feel free to add me and set something up GT is Sakic26
  7. Looking to beat RAAM on insane without going down. GT is Sakic26
  8. https://www.facebook.com/george.dixon.1829
  9. I will be boosting any achievements on this game, I have a second controller as well. GT is Sakic26
  10. Looking to boost the character against 6 different character achievements. GT is Sakic26
  11. I am looking to boost the following: Pull! It's A Trap Easy Targets GT is Sakic26
  12. I need to do the frontier defense achievements. If anyone needs another person shoot me a msg...GT is Sakic26
  13. I have 3 controllers if anyone wants to boost some MP stuff...I don't need assists, CTF or headshots. Anything else I'm game for GT is Sakic26
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