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  1. I have been searching and can't find anything. I have the Lumia 950 and all i need is IZombie, and Vasebreaker. I can make a checkpoint and go back in and continue but, I cannot lose the level, go to main menu, and get back to my checkpoint, it starts me back at level 1. I am going f'ing crazy. please shed a little light on me. Thanks,
  2. If you want the completion you will have to spend $37 plus tax.
  3. Should not be 4/10. This game is hard!!
  4. I tried over and over today and it finally picked up where it left off and finished up quick.
  5. I am having the same issue. Yesterday I started DL' ing it and it got to 58% the last time i looked at it. Today it isn't anywhere in my hard drive and will not let me DL. gives me the same message. What is cycling?
  6. I picked up the secret file in case file 5 and i don't see the liqour bottle in my inventory. do i have to do something other than pick up the file?
  7. Is this a full game in itself or an add on for an older GTA? Edit: Sorry i get frustrated and pissed when i couldn't find the info. just found it. It is a full game for the super cheap price.
  8. Well it seems clear to me that we need a thread for people that have finished the game to give their money to the people that haven't, just to help them along. I for one only have 199k and it would be a great help if anyone would lend/give me their money since the game is being shutdown there is really no need for anyone to keep it. If you would like to please message me via XBL. Thanks! I did a search before starting this thread. I hope i am not accidentally double posting.
  9. I beat the game last night and entered the endless dungeon but it seemed like i wasn't getting very much xp. I am gonna test and run through 1 entire area and then go back to endless dungeon and see. If anyone knows if xp is halved in endless dungeon please let me know.
  10. worked good for me but i had to log out of destiny and back in then the emblems and shaders were all there at the special orders desk. I don't know how to look at my grimoire cards though
  11. Great guide but this game takes way longer than 2 hours even with a guide and I have been skipping all dialogue.
  12. I thought it was weird that I couldn't find anything on the subject. Thanks Pants!
  13. I saw that this came out for Xbox 360 and couldn't find out if it had a separate set of achievements from the XBLA title. I stumbled upon a free game rental for Redbox and got the GOTY title and sadly found out that it does NOT have separate achievements. I believe my thinking was okay since Batman AA has a separate set for it's GOTY edition.
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