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  1. Anyone have any info on the new update for black ops in what it involves?
  2. Looking to boost and help out with some MP achievements for whoever is interested. send me a f/r and message on live. XboxLiveGT: iReactionnnz x
  3. I recently signed up on the Call of Duty website to see if I could link up my youtube channel with my theatre mode to see if I could have a go at making a few montages here and there. But I currently have a CoD website account and when I try to link my account it keeps telling me to sign in, and then to the link now page. It keeps sending me backwards between the two pages, I was wondering if anybody was experiencing the same problems or had any advice what to do. I've tried to contact the website adrminastrators but surprisingly I haven't had a reply. If anyone could give me any advice I would appreciate it
  4. Does anyone know if all the experience and rankings etc. will carry on to the final game?
  5. I had gears of war 1 when it first came out back in 2006, i loved it!. I've been seeing much about the beta in which I have the code to play next week. But when the code runs out i dont think i will want to go back to playing the dull boring games that I have. I was wondering if many people play the ranked matches that much anymore becuase from what I remember I never used to come off the game. If anyone has information about the matchmaking servers I would be greatful. Thanks
  6. I am getting back into GTA IV but i want to keep track of my stats so that I can get the 100% on the game, I also have red dead but it's a little annoying cuz i've been checking back to see if it's updating but it doesn't. Does anyone have info on how I could get it to update?
  7. I think they should just remake them both, I loved Resi2 first game I ever played for ps1 as a little kid haha, freaked me out at times lool. I would love it to be remade and learn from mistakes with all games and make the ultimate resi game!!
  8. In my opinion they should have left halo with Halo3, that was the best one in my opinion and there was no reason why there couldnt have been a massive update to bring it up to date with new weapons, perks etc. Games these days are given too many sequels such as the call of duty franchise. dont get me wrong I like black ops but i think that it has outstayed it's welcome in the games industry, i believe games companies try to go into things by making stories too complex where they should leave the story as a what if.. ending. This is just my opinion where I would enjoy games more if there wern't 131351313 different titles nowadays.
  9. Try to phone them to arrange going out, and then blowing them off which will resort in them showing a thumbs down and hopefully it might kickstart it to what the real value is? Or just keep going out and improving the relationships. Hope this helps!
  10. That's what it is intended for, I loved both of those games and I will welcome them onto the marketplace. I would just like an actual remake of the original games but only changing to the current aiming, keep the puzzles keep the lurky atmosphere and making it scary!
  11. I up for the sniper glitch whenever your free, i know what you need to do so it wont take much time to teach me
  12. MUFC fan here also bro, nice one.

  13. I totally agree with you there buddy!!, The lost in nightmares chapter for resi 5 wernt too good tbh i got a little bored after abit. I'm looking forward to theXBLA HD remakes for code veronica and resi 4 in the autumn. but i totally agree with the dino crisis remakes and resi 1,2,3!!
  14. I'm up for doing this whenever you are free buddy, my gamertage is Worthiest Place Just send me a friend request and I will help out with the achievements you need.
  15. I don't know about you, but I would love for Capcom to re-release the first ever Resident Evil Game Along With Resi 2 for a current gen console. Unfortuantely I never had the chance to play the first Resi on ps1 due to the high demand for it nowadays, people are selling it for £50 on amazon thats crazy! I would love for capcom to re-release the franchise again, for all those Resi fans out there do it for us Capcom!!
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