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  1. Hey man you're not alone, it has happened to me too a couple of days ago, for a while now whenever I send too many messages via xbox.com, I don't know what the problem is or why it does it but all I can think of is that it's a glitch in the system.
  2. A CorpseMess


    In an earlier thread I made today about joining Call of Duty: World at War zombies online in a public match and people modding it, I asked if I could get in trouble if an achievement glitched and then unlocked for me... Well I have been trying today to find legitmate people to play with and of course I hoped to join a lobby where as the prestige achievements would unlock for me... Which they did along with all the others for Map Pack 3 I believe. Again, I bought the game, I have not messaged any people on there, nor have I accepted any invitation to a private match, I have each and every time joined a public match that I as a user am allowed to use and play despite every people on there mod the shit out of the online experience. So yes the achievements unlocked because of game tampering, not by me but by random tools who don't know any better. Yes I admit I'm happy to get the prestige achievements because, there is no hell in chance it's possible to earn it legitimate by playing normally due to everyone modding and having invincibilty on, or flying across the map. So what now is the question I ask myself? Am I in trouble for meeting the inevitable on World at War zombies online in a public match, or am I in a green and safe zone from getting my gamerscore reset/banned from using Xbox Live? I have done nothing wrong, I bought the game on Market Place today, I wanted to play some online in hope I would randomly join someone who had it modded so I could get the prestige achievements, which happened but still it isn't my fault, It's Treyarch and Microsoft problem if it really was one. When I buy a game, I have every single right to play the online portion if I so wish to do so, but the online portion being modded from left to right is out of my reach. So tell me, did I do anything wrong? And am I in trouble or what?
  3. This is really starting to annoy me, sometimes when I play, I keep getting notification messages from my friends list, all of them sending me messages, which they aren't, it keeps going through my friends list and tells me I've recieved a message from them. I just downloaded World at War today and now the message "downloaded" keeps popping up on my screen all the time. Why does it keep doing this?
  4. Yeah but if I unlock those prestige achievements because someone had the lobby modded then I won't get in trouble or what? I mean I can basically just join a public online zombie match with random people, and hope that the achievements actually unlocks but then I'd just report the people and leave afterwards, still I can't see how I would get in trouble for that? I'm not the one modding the lobby, or know them but if I buy the game I have every right to play the online mode despite what some people are doing to it, and even if achievements glitch for me and unlocks because someone is modding the game, then it's still not my fault, I can still hope that they'll unlock.
  5. Okay thanks. I was a bit worried. lol
  6. I know this is probably suppose to be under Call of Duty: World at War but I'm just going to ask my question here, if it is in the wrong section I apologise. I've read alot about World at War online zombie mode and people who join a game accidently unlock achievements, like the prestige achievements worth 0G, and that they're afraid of getting banned or have their gamerscore reset. So what if I wanted to play zombie mode online in World at War, join a random lobby and it was modded without me knowing it, nor knowing the person or anybody else that I was playing with, and it glitched the achievements for me, thus unlocking them, would that get me banned or what? Because I'd find that very ridicoules if my gamerscore got reset because of that. Yes I am aware that the posibilty of a modded lobby online is there BUT I have nothing to do with it, so I don't see why it would affect me. If anyone could tell me if I can play it online with random people or not, because I don't wanna get in trouble for something I'm not part of.
  7. I'm looking to do two achievements for First Strike DLC and the rest for DLC#2. Let me know if you want to help each other out. GMT+2 GT: A CorpseMess
  8. Showed part of the korean language on the dashboard, the rest was english.
  9. Just wanted to try it out, tried to do the Halo 3 language trick but didn't seem to work properly as intended. So anyway I changed it back to english but part of the Korean language is still visible on my 360 and the rest is english, how come?
  10. I need all of the card game based achievements, so if anyone would like to help me out that would be great. GMT+2 GT: A CorpseMess
  11. Come on people, it's saturday! It's 15:23 PM here and since my last post from 8 AM or something I could've used playing ACB with you homies. I'm still on eagerly awaiting a reply to someone who is down today for boosting ACB! I'd still like to get Role Model and Employee of The Month out of the way. I'll gladly help with any other achievement of course but those two are the ones I just want to get first. EDIT: I have a reliable boosting group right now and don't need anymore help.
  12. I'm still looking to boost the last 4 online achievements. I need role model, employee of the month and I'm level 39. And I believe the last one I need is killing someone from a haystack. I'm on all day now. I don't have a mic. CET GMT+2 GT: A CorpseMess
  13. I'm thinking about getting Deadliest Warrior, so if anyone would like to help knock out the tournament achievement that would be swell. I'm on everyday. CET GMT+2 GT: A CorpseMess EDIT: Oh and I don't have a mic, but I always have MSN or Skype, in case you've got a PC near you.
  14. The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to get my completion ratio at least 70+ on all the games I've played and the achievements I've gained as well. So how many achievements would it take that I won't be getting to add to -1%?
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