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  1. I am looking for 2 additional people to help get the online achievement for 4 players. Please send me a message if you can help out. GT: k3ndykane
  2. I got an email from Best Buy last week, for 12 months of Live for $30 (half price). I also had earned a $20 certificate from them, so I grabbed a year for $10
  3. My drink of choice isn't as weird as these ones already posted, but everyone always assumes it would be gross when I tell them. Jack and grape pop is delicious!
  4. haha wow, people are idiots. I could honestly care less. If people were freaking out over some celebrity that was close by, that I actually did know of, I would look and think it's kind of cool, and that's it. And if I happened to walk by one, I am not going to be one of those douche bag assholes that harass them as they are trying to go about their regular life.
  5. It all depends on the return policy that the suppliers have with the stores. I used to work at Canadian Tire, and some suppliers will make you send the defective product back to them to receive credit, or tell you where to send it for repair, while others will just simply tell you to destroy the product and they will compensate you for your loss. If they tell you to destroy the product, you have to, you cannot sell it for a discounted price because of the fact that they are reimbursing you, and you cannot make that extra money. This is all up to the store if they want to make the claim in the first place. They can decide to not make a claim with the supplier at all, and just sell the product for a discounted price. And back to the original question, no, I would not want to go dumpster diving. I do however, always wonder when I see a tv or something similar sitting next to the trash, if it actually works or not. I do always assume that it doesn't, but even if the item did work, they are normally quite old and shitty anyways.
  6. I guess this is as close as I can get... http://avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/k3ndykane/avatar-body.png my hair is way longer though, about half way down my back, and I also have dark purple in it.
  7. Sunny side up. Lots of pepper. And toast for all of the oozing yolk
  8. That is so wicked! Pants, your son looks like he is doing well Is he at home yet?
  9. "You Don't Know Jack" seems to be a favourite among my friends when we have been drinking. Back when I was in high school, "Super Monkey Ball" (Gamecube) was a blast. If I am alone and have had a few, getting into a hardcore lobby on "Blur" is the best.
  10. Nice Fight Club pictures! Do you do modeling as a hobby, or? Always nice to connect with people of similar likes :)

  11. Staged, every girl that I got in the shoot got pictures in a "fight" and a fighter mug shot. It would be super awesome if it were real though lol
  12. hahaha, I actually broke my elbow in grade 3, so it now hyperextends like that
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