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  1. Didn't know there was a glitch, but just beat him solo on my Gunzerker. The combo of a Slag Conference Call and Electric Conference Call killed him pretty quickly.
  2. Im personally loving it. In my opinion, its the best DBZ game since Budokai 3.
  3. I just finished it tonight and I have to say I was terribly disappointed. Even as a huge comic fan, I thought it was bad. I only played through it to see how the story turned out. Web of Shadows is still my favorite Spidey game.
  4. If you have the update, clear your cache and restart. DO NOT UPDATE. You will have to play offline, but at least its playable.
  5. GT: dltrandomhero I would say my favorite Final Fantasy to date would have to be 3 for the SNES. It was the first one i played and it just really stuck with me. I also really enjoyed X-2 for the ps2. Most people hated it, but i think it had the best battle system to date in any FF game.
  6. got both achievements last night thanks to your assistant. thanks man!
  7. god bless you sir. im using it right now
  8. just replay the 3rd level on easy 3 times to make it easier. get to the end and dont kill the mudmen and the zombies will never stop spawning. and you will constantly get the goddess heads as drops. so go into berserk mode, then use a head. keep doing it until you see the prompt. then repeat 2 more times.
  9. i dont know why people are having such trouble. the only difficult person in score attack is ragna. its easy to get to him, but his super is devastating
  10. i thought this game going in would be a little more difficult, just from hearing previews and such. but it was very easy. much easier than street fighter or king of fighters. easier than guilty gear even. i enjoy it alot, its easy on the surface but theres a lot to master.
  11. i love all the characters and the story of the game, thats about all the reason i need lol. but as far as achievement wise, i dont think there is a reason to. just if you like the game.
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