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  1. It it bad that I hit the first prestige in the beta? got most of the characters unlock around lv 8 with a few at 10 and got to rank 152
  2. I'm pretty sure i got to 313 on the 360, but this combine with the deluxe edition I'll getting, I'm going to be set at launch
  3. If you played the first PVZGW you can import all charactes except the Promo characters. Also anyone feel like the imp is overpowered with his impkata ability? It nearly onshot most characters
  4. Only time i change up my builds is when i play guardian and shift my items to protect against the biggest damage dealer on the enemy team. On my kukulkan build it almost max out damage once you get all the stacks up.
  5. Figured that people here should start sharing there own god builds and help out others. For Kukulkan Shoes of focus, Book of Thoth, Warlock's Sash, Spear of Magus, Rod of Tahuti, Chronos' pendant Scylla Shoes of the Magi, Rod of Tahuti, Chronos' pendant, Obsidian Shard, Bankroft's Talon, Soul Reaver
  6. if you think that update was amazing just wait till U18
  7. But just like a MOBA the community is getting really bad, the day i had has been terrible just trying to get ymir to R10 and every team I've ran with has been make ine mustake and were just gonna spam voice commands cause i didn't save them when they were across the map trying to take on the entire team
  8. well the new update is out and it came with shadow skins, that we can't even earn since we don't have clan function yet.
  9. I have the opposite problem I cant leave games ever. Try to startup the surrender vote cause i don't feel like wasting 30 min of a game for that is just gonna end up in failure and people immediately close it out for no reason and i do this on game where my team is doing terrible where we can't get out of spawn with out getting ganged up or the enemy team has better comp, I would quit the games but i don't want to get massive time out.
  10. I have 7 different suits of power armor now and its getting a little stupid, I thought power armor was going to be really hard to get, and so far i have only found 2 variants of power armor hoping there's some enclave armor somwhere
  11. Anyone else feel that matchmaking has been really slow lately? It's taking over 3 min to get into a match sometimes.
  12. Here's almost of full match of Assault 2.0 where me a and some friends went all Nu Wa, it was the most bullshit thing to do and it was fun. [ame] [/ame]
  13. So far the menus are the only thing i hate about this game why is still like its on pc where i have to use a cursor?(found out you can use the d-pad for more eaiser navigation) the lag is a bit annoying but go to systems and channel select and go to 3 or 4 and it should be fin but I've been getting some weird lag spikes when soloing dungeons.
  14. I'll make sure to try this out when I play as loki next time A lot of people don't seem to understand that Ravana is a 1V1 type of god so they go blindly rushing into a enemy team think " I'm a Warrior I can kill them all with no problem" then proceed to get the shit kick out of them for not understanding his skill set
  15. his ult is a perfect counter to thanatos
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