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  1. I'm looking to boost the Network (online) achievements with someone. Need a little help with killing all the shadow characters, the homerun achievement and the ranking achievements. If interested my GT is: Lord Shiraha
  2. Agreed! This game and its creators should be ashamed.
  3. I'm completely stumped on one of the collectibles for episode 2 if you can recall its location. I've gone back 3 times now and can't find it. Its one of the caste knots, I have the once and three knotted, so I assume i'm missing the two knotted one if anyone can help me out. Everything else was really easy to locate for me.
  4. Anyone know if a translated digest mode walkthrough has been made available? Also, I'm curious if the choices I make within digest mode will have any major bearings on unlocking CGs and other achievement related items. Since I haven't found a digest perfect path guide I'm tentative about really getting into it for fear or making a poor choice.
  5. Just starting the game, looking to boost multiplayer achievements if anybody has room in a boosting party, message me anytime, i'll join if online.
  6. GT: Lord Shiraha, seeking to boost a few EOM kill types as well as Role Model, and Strong Closer, will join a leveling party as well, message me anytime i'm on.
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