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  1. I would like to be a preview member. I understand you can invite people. I was able to get into a few of the 360 previews but missed out on the sign up for the Xbox 1. Can you help me out?



    gt Mysterio 006

  2. Hi! I'm looking for help for the vehicle takedown in coop, only achievement left for me before 1000/1000! I'll gladly help you in return for the coop achievements! Please add me, GT is Lukhuta
  3. Looking to boost all the MP achievements! Send a message to Lukhuta if you want to boost too.
  4. I'm looking for a group to boost all of the MP achievements! GT is Lukhuta
  5. Hey there, I need someone to boost the 3 MP kills achievements! (to commit suicide 500 times in Duke Burger...) If you need those too, please send a message! GT is Lukhuta
  6. Hey there! I need help with 3 last achievements to complete the game! Those are: Arena master (40 ranked arena wins) , Glork (20 all you can eat ranked wins), medic (in a 4 players game, revive everyone once). If you need help with those too, feel free to write a message!! GT is Lukhuta
  7. Hey there! I need to do a whole playthrough of the game as a member of the G unit. Anyone up to do that? Message me please, my GT is Lukhuta
  8. Hey there, I need to do Largest party (play with 5 other players) and You fell to our trap (get fooled by mystique with a party of 6). If anyone can help, please send me a message! GT is Lukhuta
  9. Hey there! I only need M.C. (hosting a band career), Face to face (25 pro face offs) and Till death do us part (play an online do or die) to get everything done in the game! If someone can help and need help, please send a message! GT is Lukhuta
  10. Hey there! I still need Crank it up to 11 (Reach 11x in a standard 4 players band) and Outgoing (25 duels win or lose... which is strange since I've boosted it with someone, he got it and I didnt...). If anyone wants to help / be helped in return, please send me a message. (I can sing and play guitar at the same time, so I would only need 2 people for the crank it up one) GT is Lukhuta
  11. I'm seeking help for all of the Versus DLC achievements! I'll take turn to boost you too, of course =) GT is Lukhuta
  12. Need someone to boost to lvl 20! I'll help too if you need it! GT is Lukhuta EDIT: I'm done with the online achievements! Thanks again to LividBear!
  13. Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone to help me do the 10 wins with Ezio, as well as having done the leaderboard route (mask another's memory achievement), because none of my rivals has ever done that! I'll help with both achievement! GT is Lukhuta
  14. Hi there, I need a partner for the PC version. Already did 1000/1000 on xbox, so I'm just looking for someone with heavy artillery to run through the game for the first playthrough so I can get weapons and stuff quickly. gamertag is Lukhuta Thanks guys.
  15. Hey there, I need help with the role model achievement and the triple escape/great variety bonuses. My gamertag is Lukhuta , feel free to add me and send a message to organize a game!
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