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  1. You have to be 1st not T1 Record Breaker has to be done in your career
  2. http://www.trueachievements.com/a175138/troon-open-champion-achievement.htm?showguides=1 Read this line from BADASSBANDIT32 not so fast there i tried to play on the red tees for this challenge and it didn't work you have to use the black tees
  3. Do you also need to legend the bonus Challenges ??
  4. If you are Club champion in your club you "carry" the Champion Badge that week. If you collect all pins from a course, you get that pin on your top right on the bag. The lower 3 are just, more power, better lie, etc pins.
  5. Agree, Xboxlive is not working very well, inviting other members into a game doesn't work or goes very slow. For the cheevo: I guess you tried what i posted a few post above this one.
  6. Got it today Maybe if you equip boost pins it won't unlock, Like i did the 1st time.
  7. You can pick Tiger he's unlocked at the start of the game
  8. Same problem for me i just finished the round, no achievement either. Edit : Maybe you have to win by 1 shot difference.
  9. So we just need to lvl up once, if you have imported your golfer from Tw13. And if you ( like me ) played the early acces version.
  10. I got it earlier today. But if you need any help just msg me ;-)
  11. @Klint Beastw00d @Forty6andTwo @thoseAREmySHOES I'v sent you guys a message. Problem is you guy live in the USA, and i'm from Europe damn timezones. Steadyrabby
  12. Saw some people who unlocked lvl 50 cheevo but lvl 5 and 25 were still locked.
  13. Hey Guys, I'm looking for atleast 3 players to play with online with 4 Legends. You need to unlock the legends first by completing Legends of the Majors. Add me to your friendslist and drop me a Legends message. So we can help eachother getting it done !!! Thanks Steadyrabby
  14. Same here, everything is freeking slow, even the trade pile screws up. @Cubbyson EA rarely replies to any tweets, ive also tweeted them a few problems earlier, but no response either.
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