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  1. Can anyone offer me some tips on getting this? The ghost studs lead me to a doorway with fire. I'm guessing I need to go in it? I can get past the fire but no further. What am I doing wrong? Edit: in case anyone else is having the same problem - this brick is NOT located in the doorway behind the fire. The ghost studs make it look like it should be back there but it isn't. Continue up the path and you will see an area with step type things on the right side of the mountain. Make your way up those steps avoiding the fire, use rope and Legolas to make your way up and over around the mountain until you get it. Hope that helps someone!
  2. Well it is missable because ive missed it. This is my first Elder Scrolls game. So I really had no clue about the dark brotherhood quests. I only destroyed them because it was a quest. I didn't Realize it would prevent me from getting achievements since I read here that there was only one missable acheivement. It would be helpful for this to be listed as missable since some people are new. And no, I dont have that other save. But I've learned my lesson!!!
  3. I'm pretty sure I killed the dark Brotherhood. I glanced at the achievement guide but not close enough. I thought I only needed the "Friends Like these" achievement so I reloaded after that and killed the chick in the abandoned house. Sooooooooooo stupid!!! I still think it would be nice if it were mentioned in the missible section. I don't like to read the guide too closely at first because I want very few spoilers so I normally glance at missable and make myself aware of those only.
  4. Maybe a stupid question - but did I totally miss out on the "Bound Until Death" acheivement if I already defeated the Dark Brotherhood? If so, I REALLY wish things like these were listed under "missable" in the guide. Please tell me I didn't screw up!!!
  5. I feel so dumb but I can NOT get to the bone in this level!! I can't get past the lava and red thorny stuff right after where the guy says this way is optional. I've died too many times to count. Anyone have any helpful hints?
  6. [EDIT] Apparently posting here is good Karma because I just completed it! I hate to be one of those people that blames it on a glitch but I literally tried it 50 times! Randomly it worked this time. I swear I didn't do anything different!!! CRAZY!!! I've watched different guides and I really think my game might be glitched?? No matter what I do - my kite guy always spawns at the first island and won't move. It doesn't matter if I destroy the village before pressing the call - or press the call as soon as the game starts. Doesn't matter if the path is totally clear to the second island or totally destroyed before I press the call. He just stands there. I'm SO annoyed! I've even tried to remove almost all sand at the first village before pressing the call and he will spwan in the water and find the smallest mound of sand (that I couldn't pick up because there was water over it) and he will stand there and cry for help. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you fix it? I'm at a loss of what else to try! PLEASE HELP! I freaking HATE this level!
  7. I just answered my own question on this! YES!!! You can get into the temple of shadows as a good character even after the spire and yes you can get the gargoyles!!! I was having trouble finding the temple of shadows since I didn't see it on any of the Rookridge fast travel options. In case anyone else is in the same situation and needs help: Go to Regions - Rookridge - Oakfield Road Take your first right Go down the circular staircase
  8. I've seen conflicting messages about this.. if I played a totally good character and never went to the temple of shadows... and defended the temple of light. Am I totally screwed out of the gargoyles in the Temple of Shadows? If I start a new evil character - will I have to collect ALL 50 gargoyles with that new character? Or just the 2 in the temple of shadows? Thanks!
  9. Happy to place banners.. also need to visit someone who has 20! Gamertag is username.
  10. I'll help make anyone a banner and hopefully soon someone can return the favor! Also - if anyone has 20 to help me get the World Traveler Achievement let me know! Thanks! Gamertag = gnobles
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