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  1. It seemed to fix itself. After Hard Resets an other stuff didn’t work, entering the game some days later unlocked right away. Maybe it was just some trouble reaching servers or so. Anyway: thanks for the heads up 😀
  2. Great guide, thanks a lot. I only miss some more details about how to avoid the boss fight. Running through it like the sixth time and always an other skill is missing to talk things out.
  3. Ist this glitched? Collected the last one today but no Achievement 😕 Got all all 12 on may intel but the Achievement is still locked.
  4. Since some Achievements will Not Pop the Guide should be updated. At least 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 are glitched.
  5. They both popped today while using amazon prime app ... I guess, they are just laggy insted of glitched.
  6. I havend played for a while but had 100% before the update. Now i wanted to 100 % the game again but "Master of Glorbs" and "Shardistry" stuck at 88 % eventhough i collected everything in boss levels too and have the badges. Tried to replay the new ones several times but didn't work. Someone has an idea how to fix this?
  7. I have posted in the bethesa forums and in the Microsoft Support but until now some achievements are stuck. One of them at 190% which is the most anoying thin EVER! Maybe it's the second vault, maybe it's switching between PC and One. So where ever you start: Stick to the veryVault and the very platform!
  8. If someone is willing to help me with the online Achievements (Show-off, Make it Count, Steamroller, Ding, An honest mistake) this would be nice Willing to help out with any other achievement if possible Pls text me before sending friends request, thx. Gamertag: Hoschi Hawkes
  9. Since i have 7.000.000 Followrs and can't get more Research Points by that but still have Skills worth of 27 Research Points missing, i wonder, if anyone made a map of all Research Points? Didn't find anything by now.
  10. I reached Rank 25 today (yes i know, i am late) but the Achievement does not pop up Any Idea whats wrong and how to fix it pls? Nerver mind. Unlocked at Rank 27 o.O
  11. If someone is willing to do this, pls write me. Maybe "One for All", too?
  12. Thanks a lot. Seems like missinterpreted the "final mission" hint
  13. I have finished the game and scanned the internet like a thousend times to get some information about "pivots" for the "Head in the Cloud" Achievement. The extra menu-point does not show up so i wonder, if the cloud was shut down?
  14. Thanks, I hope it's the last time for MCC now
  15. Sometimes it happens, that after i clicking "save" all my checked achievements get unchecked. On most games it's a quick thing to recheck them. But on halo the mcc it is quit frustrating... is there any chance to fix this?
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