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  1. But if it is de-listed then they wouldnt be able to download it to get it on there lists to not be able to earn them and I can still down load it from Account Management since i have already downloaded it
  2. But people who have the Game and still get the Achievements So they can Still be earned
  3. Yeah well I got Wolf Hunter on my Second Play through on the Second Level and I am pretty sure there aint 30+ wolfs in the first level
  4. Yeah well I got Wolf Hunter on my Second Play through on the Second Level and I am pretty sure there aint 30+ wolfs in the first level
  5. You Can't Use Super Tails in Sonic 3 Unless you have the Master Emeralds Which are in Sonic and Knuckles and S&K isnt on the 360 so No super Tails
  6. I don't mean to cause trouble but why would you add it to the List because it has been removed if you still have it on your HDD you can still play it and get the achievements I still have the Game and can use it freely
  7. If i didn't Miss 2 things I could have done it on my first play through in about 10 - 15 hours, I have tried it now on multiply accounts and if you know the right places for things it is easy to do in 5 - 10 hours no problems But I think it would also suit 10 -15 easier And I'll work on my Sig for you Now Edit: Is That Ok for my sig? And Ninja the Arcade version would take up to a week with its Difficulty Curve
  8. Pants Check here Its my Second Account and you can see by the Time Stamps it took less then 10 hours alone I have recovered My friends Account and was able to do it in around 5 hours total 100 Complete too it is really easy if you follow the right path Look at my Account I posted
  9. Stop your Bitching its my sig and its allowed by the Guildlines of the site

  10. The Matrix's Opens Doors as you progress through the Game same with the Purple Matrix, Inside the room is a Surprise for the hardcore fans though so its upto you how you feel then you see whats inside
  11. Do you think you could add some more crap to your signature? It just doesn't quite take up ALL of my screen like I need it to...maybe some sparkly unicorns ought to do it. Thanks!

  12. Video @[email protected] I didnt know there was Videos lol oh well i got them all on my own anyway, Best thing I did for this one was to go on to the Corner of the Building and jump off at and angle so i am aiming at it real out and swing back and forth until i got the Blue Center Piece just below the Item and Released i swung right into it
  13. Bionic Commando For the 5 - 10 Hour section i have done this game for many friends now and i can do all of it within that time 100% each time
  14. I have seen no difference in damage and I have done the game ive and over now around 40 + times ^^
  15. its just for looks it works the same as the normal Pistol
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