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  1. Haven't got the game yet because I pre-ordered the collector's edition and still waiting on it to be delivered. I have been reading about the game for awhile though. Everything i have read specifically says that the better the weapons fed, the better the results. The question I haven't seen answered for sure is, can a possessed item be fed to another possessed item? Seems like the way to go would be to start making possessed as early as possible and then taking a higher level possessed weapon you like and feeding it all the old fully upgraded possessed weapons.
  2. I have very much enjoyed the game. If anyone wants to boost some multiplayer, hit me up. GT: Kevin Boleware
  3. Thank you so much!!! The issue was that I must have been holding the trigger too long. After giving it the quick tap you recommended, it works perfectly. Thanks for all the quick help of everyone.
  4. I really appreciate everyone offering advice. Please keep suggestions coming. I tried targeting with . Just to be sure I tried it again with two controllers. Still not working though. It doesn't seem like the really does anything for me though. The guards are automatically highlighted when I get close and mashing doesn't seem to be changing anything should it? Like I said, I used two controllers to make sure one wasn't broken.
  5. I can walk right next to the guards and it still won't work.
  6. I can't get any of the factions to distract guards. I highlight a guard and mash but nothing happens. This only controls them to stop and follow, never distract the guard. This makes the first thieves mission impossible to finish. Any one else have this happen?
  7. Does anyone know when stats save? Can I play the beginning of a chapter, say save at Lucifel, then restart the chapter from the beginning? Will the stats be saved or must you finish the chapter for it to count on totals?
  8. Just thought I would give some tips on how I got past Chapter 8 and 9 on extra. Some may be obvious, but hopefully it will help someone or at least encourage you not to give up. Dark Enoch - I never actually punched during the entire battle. I always used the bubble attack by holding and hitting . This should be around 5 hits. It also is a quick enough animation that even if it misses or is blocked you have time to get out of the way. - The first part of the battle was by far the hardest to me. Never try to hit him when he is doing the short attack sequence of 3. Learn to time the other longer attacks to shoot in just as they finish. - Learn the three different forms and their particular patterns. Once you learn what to look for, it is just a matter of jumping or running out of the way. I preferred to jump over the dark energy attacks and run out of the way of the bull rush. - At the beginning of each transformation, Enoch will start with a hit combo. I used this time to get rid of the Wisps. These things are extremely annoying. I died many times by jumping into one that was off screen. Once I focused on getting rid of them as soon as they spawned, things seemed much easier. - The last bull rush when Dark Enoch is glowing is an extra long rush. Double jumping and floating away is the best way to avoid. Watcher Sariel - Any time you are fighting a watcher, always remember to do an extended hit when they go down. Hold to go into a long kick. You should get about 7 hits in before they come up and knock you back. This knock back does not do you damage, and pushes you far enough away that you can't be immediately attacked. - The best attack to wait for is the three balls that she shoots. I found that staying about mid distance from her tended to make this the preferred attack. As soon as she starts begin circling and moving closer. If you attack right after the third ball, you will always get an unblocked 3 hit combo which knocks her to the ground. - Staying along the edges of the arena helped with the long horizontal bat attack. As soon as the bat animation starts make a direct run to the other side of the arena. It will sometimes hit you, but I was usually able to avoid it. - I actually preferred the uppercut attack. I was able to perfect guard it every time which left her vulnerable to attacks for a good time. If you aren't good at perfect guards, I guess just begin rolling to avoid it. Hopefully this helps. Amaros seems to be pretty straight forward and applying the above techniques should help with him also. Also as encouragement, you don't have to take all of the watcher's health down.
  9. Those scenes are only on the Ishtar levels. Any place else you just get game over screen.
  10. GT = Kevin Boleware Favorite FF was FFIII just because it was the first time I had ever played a game like it.
  11. Level 75. Can't miss as it is the primary animal.
  12. The book says there is a legendary for every species, so should be a trout one somewhere. Been fishing the location you described, but haven't seen a legendary. You can usually spot a different colored fish to identify you are in the correct spot. I did catch two reward fish at this spot though. Any idea what shade the legendary was or what lure you were using?
  13. Looking for someone to quickly knock out the online achievements. I have the American version (Winning Eleven PES 2007). Message me if you are interested. Will edit post once I have them so I don't waste anyones time. UPDATE: Completed all of the online acievements.
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