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  1. After playing some more i can easily saiy its the worst racing game iver ever played. On top of all the other shit he soundtrack is ass. Mostly american crap ina game set in europé and for some fucking reason theyve put sin some gangsta rapabout raping woman and doing drugs. The online is broken as shit lagging like fuck and a bunch of game breaking glitches where people can go outside the map and they want you to play 200 of these fuckin matches and they obiously dont even care about fixing it. And worse yet isyou cant post critiscism on this on their site. Ive tried twiced complaining about their fucking game and the achievements but they wont let me post. Garbage game garbage developer. Stay away from this shit
  2. Looking for help with joing a free roam with a friend as i dont know anyone with this game. I also need the car club achievement. Gamertag: abcdelm45084
  3. I might have overreactoed a Little with 600 events but an addition 200-250 are needed for this achievement. I made a guide at TA and ill post it here aswell in case anyone needs help. Buy the Mercedes Benz SLK55 AMG. Its a sports car and COSTs around 66 000 (with the 10 % discount perk). Go to the garage and choose upgrades. Go to custom upgrades. Go to Engine and Buy all Race upgrades from each category except Oil/Cooling. Go to conversion, Aspiration and buy the Twin turbo. Go to Plattform and handling Buy all the race upgrades except for the "spring and dampers" and "Chassis reinforcement" Go to drivetrain and buy the "race driveline" and "Race clutch" ignore the other two. Go to tire and rims Buy the race upgrade for the "tire compound" and upgrade the "rear tire witdh" to the max. Ignore the rest. This should cost you around 30 000 (again with the discount perk) Now go to the rivals menu Pick the amateur roadtrip and castelleto. Now start posting these times on each of the 4 races. And Before you start go to difficulty Put ABS on (not assisted) Steering normal. Then put on all other assists. Only the Bounty Counts so ignore the assist bonus it Counts for nothing. You should have total race bonus on 20 % (This could all be optional just pick the assists you Think are best for you but im just saying what i had on here) Festival Circuit 53.648 Fattoria Sprint 2.07.200 Doro Cliff Race 2.03.950 East park Trial 1.50.411 This times are when 5000 rewards start (theyre not 100 % accurate so you could maybe do a Little bit slower ) As for the times themself theyre piss easy to do. If youre having trouble just do Everything else first and then come back and do this last when youre more excperienced im pretty average when it comes to racing games and as i said i thought it was piss easy. Now when you have this time put up again go to rivals id suggest starting with festival Circuit as its the quickest. Press RT (Change rival) and pick the guy who is just above you. Theyre time is usually around 0.00.001-007 time Before you (ive even seen target times that has ben the same as i recorded Before). Now comes the hardest part. Beat the target time with as Little margain as possible. Prefferably at most just 0.00.100 second Before youre opponent (who you will see as a ghost use rewind if he comes Before you. And now the boring part repeat this around 200 times and you will get the achievement. If youre really good/lucky at beting the target time with as Little time as possible you could easily do this in just the festival Circuit but most likely youll need to use each of the 4 races to complete this. Theres around 400/500 gamers every second Before you so as i said you could get it using just the festival Circuit but again you have to be really good at beating target time with as Little time as possible for that. English is not my first language so sorry for the misspelling of some Words. Good luck EDIT Just a note for the Circuit race. If you back up Before starting the race you can get more speed. This way you dont have to do 2 laps trying to beat youre rival. Back up all the way to the first turn. You could also back up even more to get greater speed but so far ive found it unnecessary
  4. Appareantly on the 360 version only the Bounty Counts, So have fun playing an additional 600 rival events on top of the other 400 events you need to do for the other achievements. This game can go fuck itself
  5. Sorry but this game is by no means great, not even good for that part not evengood. One of the ost repepetetive games ive ever played. After 5-6 hours of gameplay you have seen and done Everything. After that the developers wants you tu repeat the same fucking thing for an additional 100 hours. So lazy. Ill never buy one of their games again. 1/5
  6. You also have this problem ? Most of the guides ive read were for the Xbox one version but im pretty sure it should be the same. Ive also read a couple guides for the 360 version and they say pretty much the same thing as the Xbox one. Ive asked on the official forza motorsport forums aswell. Doing it this say would take like 2-3000 races and thats just insane.
  7. All the guides i see for this achievement says the bonus Money from driving assists Count aswell as the Bounty cr. However this is not the case for me. Im only getting the Bounty CR wich is like 1-500 only. So far after about 7 rival events i only have 5000 cr earned from rivals. Surely that cant be right ? So anyone have any idea what im doing wrong or if my game has glitched or something. Ive tried both doing it after a SP event and doing it from the rivals menu when you press start. Just for example after completing a rival event with a Bounty of 500 at the end im getting a total of 5500 credits. 500 from the Bounty and the other from driving assist turned of. After i go check my stat CR earned from rivals it has only increased with 500. The other 5000 doesnt Count.
  8. For 2 bucks its definitely Worth it. Had no idea it was so cheap !
  9. I Hope the link is correct since there are no missing songs from k rose. That was problably my favorite part of san andreas taking a Sanchez or quad and drive on the countryside and listening to k rose. Can anyone confirm this ?
  10. Never mind got it. Worked with chapter select.
  11. I ran through this game in coop all the main missions but my game frooze at the last mission and somewhere between chapter 5 and 6 wich i Think is the reason why im only at 26/28. Now can i replay just thoose chapters with randoms and unlocking the achievement or do i need to sit though this piece of shit again... ?
  12. What does division mean ? Is it just the same race with other cars or what. Sound really lazy if theres only like 12 races Also in the toher thread "warning huge dissapointment" they say its actually 6 locations with 8 races in each and 10 divisions per race. Maybe you just havent unlocked them yet ?
  13. Isnt the 360 much easier and faster completion ? I read that the x one version had achievement for 168 Championships wich was very time consuming (appareantly over 150 hours or something like that for completion) and it isnt in the 360 version. Ill get it one the 360 anyway as i dont have and dont want the x1. I also dont really care for Graphics spinning whell games. And radio stations could be turned off and just have the game sound and your own Music on. Really looking forward to this loved the first !
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