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  1. Prince specifically Peach Little Red Corvette My Name is Prince Kiss Let's Go Crazy and an absolute must for guitar players When Doves Cry Full album wishlist Kiss - Destroyer Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - into the great wide open Aerosmith - Get a Grip (unrepresented in GH:aerosmith) Green Day - Dookie Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction Pearl Jam - 10 Evanessence - Fallen also random songs Warrant - Uncle Tom's Cabin Sisters of Mercy - Ribbons and Temple Of Love Firehouse - Don't treat me bad Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride Whitesnake - In the still of the night Autograph - Turn up the radio Vixen - edge of a broken heart Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen and Stand Back Seven Mary Three - Cumbersome or Water's Edge Candlebox - You Temple of the Dog - Say hello to heaven and Korn lots and lots of Korn
  2. Need some help looking for someone with the predators unlocked and has the DLC I can repay in boosting 90% of the games on my tag.
  3. got mine in a weird glitch. during a motorcycle retrieval mission i wrecked into the back of the corvette clone and the front tire got stuck to the back of the car and i just held the wheelie all the way from one island over a bridge to the next island and when the car turned at the end the bike popped off and righted itself for a grand total of 3325 foot wheelie
  4. You should get this easily when you are playing your game to 90,000 goal
  5. I know torture favors the arrow map. But i managed to get this easily on Mt. Etumer using 4 goblins, goblin lair and 4 of the spell called Changeling that changes two of your opponents remaining cards to goblins. All goblins in play boost any red cap in play. You just need to make sure you have 15 goblins in play.
  6. The only achievements you can earn online would be for card accumulation and of course the wins. Other than that no you cannot earn the lord achievements etc. online
  7. Way to go on being the first to complete the US release to 1000 points
  8. My high toll came from a wolverine enchanted with green in a 5 chain on a land that started out as a morph tile because the base value of these tiles are greater than a land that is already an element and the AI got unlucky enough to hit a dark shrine and get hit with an enchantment that added an extra cost of 30% to all tolls paid for 3 rounds. So a base toll value of 2556 X 1.5 X 1.5 X 30% = 7476
  9. Quick clarification here. All of the idols must placed at the same time at some point. It also has to be against a story character so you cannot use custom settings as far as win condition. But you can change the map elements if you choose. I did this on Mount etumar map using all neutral lands. Against Irville because his book called sacrifice is really pretty much a chump book that cannot win without a great deal of help.
  10. I won my 3 vs 1 against Irville, aneida and meletia on mount etunar with all lands set to neutral, not morph using a deck that was all mass damage and magic gaining cards (rouetsoleil, land drain, gift, mana fairy light etc ) set the goal to 15,000 let them fill up the map with creatures and just kept pummelling the map with mass damage and stealing money when i needed to and won 16,000 plus to their combined 3 to 4 thousand
  11. This is for all the completionists like me. Fontaciel - awarded in your cards after completing the trial in Venice Flammefleur - awarded in your cards after completing the trial in Kaningun Rouetsoleil - awarded in your cards after completing the trial in Provedin LeoKnight - awarded in your cards after replaying the past stage Cravonia Nil - awarded in your cards after replaying the past stage Lalasati Blade of Culdra - awarded in your cards after replaying the past stage Stairway To The Gods Zeromn - Awarded in the match results after collecting 1 of every card minus the E cards - coincides with the achievement Terrair - Awarded in the match results after collecting 1 of every air card minus the E cards - coincides with the achievement Selenear - Awarded in the match results after collecting 1 of every Earth card minus the E cards - coincides with the achievement Iksear - Awarded in the match results after collecting 1 of every Water card minus the E cards - coincides with the achievement Bistair - Awarded in the match results after collecting 1 of every Fire card minus the E cards - coincides with the achievement and last but not least there are a number of cards that can appear during the course of gameplay that do not exist as an actual card that you can put into your deck Androgear - created by using either the Ground Gear or Sky Gear and combining with the opposite piece used as support Gearion - created by using the Androgear and using the Beast Gear as support Grass Strider - an enhancement only available temporarily when using the Metamorph Belt during battle but I am speculating whether the transformation becomes permanent if the Basalt Idol is in play Dragon Lord - Territory ability of the Dragonewt is to evolve into this creature but devolves if involved in a battle win/lose/draw Armed Princess - Territory ability of the Sword Princess is to evolve into this creature
  12. Let's see if I can help you with some of these Head Items - 17 Shogun Helm - Pay a total of 3,000G or more in tolls. Achieve victory. This one is really easy actually play against Meletia and she will eventually level up a wolverine to level 5 when you land on it just pay the toll rather than fight 19 Cat Ears - Defeat a dragon with a Powder Eater. Achieve victory. dirham! Using a counter amulet against either the lighting dragon, armored dragon or hard rock dragon because they don't do scroll damage Body Items - 13 Jester Armor - Exhaust your magic and still achieve victory. Do this one at the same time as going for the pay 3000 toll just don't do anything but pay tolls until you lose all your magic then proceed as normal for the win after your mercy reset 15 Plate Mail - Pay 20 or more tolls. Achieve victory. Once again this should be done at the same time as the jester armor conditions 19 Shogun Armor- Win a 3vs1 Match In a versus match face Irville, Meletia and either slave trader or aneida they don't have complimentary decks and place the win limit high enough or low enough to suit your style Back Items - 07 Angel Wings - On a map with no temples obtain 3,000G or more using symbols. Achieve victory. Use map grave canyon and have 4 Sanctum guards in your deck they claim symbols of the color of the territory they are invading or defending upon victory Also carry the spell Aurora this spell boosts all symbol values by 20% and have the item Coin of Piety and equip this when you know the battle is your it grants you 10 symbols of the territory of the fight Hand Items - 15 Storm Causer - Destroy 10 or more creatures at once. Achieve Victory. This one is a bit tricky but once you know how to do it it's really easy Equip in any comination the following spells Acid Rain - Does 30 damage to all defensive creatures Burning Hail - Does 20 damage to all Water and air creatures Elemental rage - 1/2 damage to all creatures not on their own element Freeze Cyclone - 20 damage to all earth and fire creatures Holy Blight - 20 damage to all neutral creatures Insect Swarm - 20 damage to all creatures not at full HP combo use of the spells plague and punisher with gives all creatures poison enchantment and punisher deals 20 damage to all creatures with enchantments Sonic wave - does 20 damage to all attack first creatures Tempest - does 20 damage to all creatures Zeronm has a sub effect that you can choose called extermination that deals 20 damage to all Using any of the effects that apply to both you and your opponent make sure you have 20 creatures on screen and use either the tempest or insect swarm to finish off the 20 in one shot 19 Aura Blade - Defeat Story Mode opponents 100 times This one is as simple as it sounds replay past stages until you have 100 wins in the story battles
  13. This seems like it should be harder than it actually. There are 13 idols and all you have to do is get them all placed on the board at the same time. Win or lose you still get the achievement. the cumulative effect o all the idols makes the game rather dull after a good portion of the idols are out it makes it basically a foot race, with no invasions battles etc. You also gain the mummy tights body part for getting this done.
  14. yes he does need to be evolved into a dragon lord and yes he does devolve back into a dragonewt but if you are worried about having him devolve you can always evolve him then exchange it to your hand until you are sure you can meet the conditions
  15. You need the following dragons Volcanic Dragon - red element Deep Sea Dragon - blue element Lightning Dragon - Yellow Element Hardrock Dragon - Green Element Armored Dragon - Neutral element Dragon Lord - evolves from a dragonewt
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