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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  2. Just on a whim, have you tried using a different controller? Is it only for that game?
  3. Damn... that was my best shot sorry.
  4. Hossa's contract is one of the reasons they have that new rule in the latest CBA about how much salaries can decrease year to year. It's not a punishment if you can weasel out of it like the Hawks are doing.
  5. I hope Scandella continues to improve for you guys. He really played well the last half of the season and into the playoffs for us. Nothing fancy, but strong, big bodied D-zone guy. I also hope Pommenville finds his touch again there. He got a raw deal in MN and just never really worked out for him here. He's a streak guy, as you know, when he's on he's money but when he's off he just disappears. :-/
  6. Has nothing to do with bias. I have always liked Hossa. But there's no way you can convince me that when he signed that contract neither he, or the Hawks had any intention of him playing it out. Just look at the structure of it. 09-10 $7,9m 10-11 $7.9m 11-12 $7.9m 12-13 $7.9m 13-14 $7.9m 14-15 $7.9m 15-16 $7.9m 16-17 $4m 17-18 $1m 18-19 $1m 19-20 $1m 20-21 $1m Those last 4 years were tacked on ONLY to bring the cap hit down to $5.275m. Otherwise his cap hit would have been $7.412m over 8 years. The writing was on the wall of what he would do when he signed the contract, everyone knew it. I don't care what team he played for. I don't think this is a good precedent for the NHL. Nothing Hossa or the Hawks have said indicates he'll come back the next season. I think they are speaking loudly by what they're not saying. But even then they will say what people want to hear and know exactly what they are going to do. This will repeat itself for the next 3 seasons until the contract is done. Then Hossa can "officially" retire and get into the HOF.
  7. This is going to sound weird, but give this a shot. Disconnect/disable your internet to the Xbox, do a hard reset, turn it on and DON'T let it go online. Then try the install.
  8. It absolutely helps the Blackhawks. They get an aging veteran that didn't want to play anymore off the books (during the season). There is no one, and I mean no one, that thought Hossa would play out the full contract when he signed it. Once that paid salary dropped to $1 million a year the writing was on the wall in big bold letters. He may not be able to be placed on the LTIR until the season officially starts but you can't tell me that cap hit of $5 million and change won't come in handy during the season/at the trade deadline. Kudos to the Hawks for figuring out a way to get out from under that contract and cap hit. Just wait until other teams start to follow suit in the coming years. This is a Pandora's box type thing here. We'll have to agree to disagree on if it's truly legit or not. (I'm not saying he doesn't have issues mind you. I just disagree with how this is playing out).
  9. The answer to that is... maybe. The NHL is looking into it, but realistically won't do a damn thing. It's a lot like the Kings trying to get out from under Mike Richards contract. This Hossa thing just reeks of cap circumvention. His salary dropped down to 1 million this year (and the next 3 years after), but his cap hit would have stayed at 5.275m. Add to that Chicago was actively engaged in talks with Vegas to move Hossa so it's all a little too convenient for me. But like I said 99% sure the NHL won't do anything, but if they don't watch what other GMs try to do going forward to get out from under bad contracts.
  10. Wrong Mirror's Edge. This sale is for the original, not the second one.
  11. Oh, my bad sorry about that. I'll never get that completion then. That DLC is terrible. lol :-)

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