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  1. Cant stand giddy lee. If I'm going to listen to progressive rock it will be Dream Theater.
  2. Um ok? Dont think anyone needs help with those...
  3. Dont like it then dont buy it or use it. Personally I think it's pretty cool.
  4. http://www.qvc.com/LG-65%22-4K-Ultra-HD-Smart-TV-with-Active-HDR-and-Channel-Plus.product.E230790.html?colorId=000&sizeId=000&ref=JF1&cm_mmc=JELLYFISHFEED-_-BShopping%7CL%7CBrandProduct%7Celectronics-_-televisions%7Chdtvs-_-K6AnF9Gd%EF%BF%BD|dc_74010947713397__E230790-000-000_&mkwid=K6AnF9Gd%EF%BF%BD|dc_pcrid_74010947713397_pkw__pmt__productid_E230790-000-000&TZ=EST great tv. also using the lg sound bar.
  5. it builds character, get over it.... crash bandicoot did it to me my first year.
  6. this game pissed me off the other day. our crew had a bunch of stuff on board to turn in and all of a sudden 5 MINUTES UNTIL SERVER MAINTENANCE. luckily we got some of it turned in
  7. achievements either dont pop or pop 10 minutes after the fact.
  8. lol, i actually thought of something similar to that.
  9. Really? do you also think I am a total noob at life?
  10. not working for me..... says i have to buy it. im asking before i decide to spend 60 dollars.
  11. same here, no achievements. I just thought I sucked. lol
  12. How is it a problem if a game on the game pass costs 10 or 20 bucks? Good for you that you have so many games ready to be played.
  13. sad attempt to clown someone who isnt being graded on their post. OMG I MISSED A '. DOUCHE
  14. You sit and watch your transformer transform into a car for 10 minutes????? I think you might be autistic.
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