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  1. After playing 5 minutes of the singleplayer campaign, I decided to go straight into multiplayer, WOW!
  2. The Darkness $4.99 Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 $9.99
  3. I'm gonna buy a GTA 4 soon and i was wondering if people still play the multilayer for the game?
  4. Gears of War 3 is the only game i have so in my opinion its the best of 2011.
  5. use this. http://avatarawards.ninjasfate.com/
  6. Forza 4. Wait for Rage Game of The Year Edition with all the DLC, like Borderlands and Red Dead Redemption (October) have.
  7. Yes, at the "Purchase now" screen you can push X and it will translate the price to microsoft points.
  8. BEST BUY Get a 40% extra trade-in credit when you pre-order/purchase Gears of War 3 or any other game. Offer expired 10/01/2011 They had a 50% trade in credit with the pre-order of Gears of War 3 but that expired the 9/17/2011(yesterday)
  9. During the recovery process any achievements or changes that you have made since the account last connected to Xbox LIVE were lost.
  10. I only use my favorite Pokemon. Blastoise Raichu Typhlosion Purugly Skuntank Serperior Pokemon White Version
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