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  1. So i started a game to get the 8 players achievement out of the way but I keep pressing the "everybody's in" button but it is not doing anything. any help?
  2. I only have the digital version. You think it would unlock if I go through the campaign again?
  3. Anyone know how I could get this? I heard they fixed the achievements with a patch back In May. But I guess its didn't do anything for the glitched achievements. Any help would be great.
  4. So I have 9/10 on Chapter 5 and 31/32 on Chapter 9 and the achievement is not unlocking. I just went through the levels again following the guide and they still say 9/10 and 31/32. Any help?
  5. I've been trying to do this boss fight for over 2 hours now and the closest Ive gotten was killing one of the helpers. Any tips on this my characters level are 36-39.
  6. So I was playing the 8 pages level found 6 of the pages and pretty much got lost so I figured I let slender kill me so I could restart this level but for some reason it puts me right into the 3rd level. Is this a glitch or something in-game? Will this affect achievements in any way?
  7. Doing annual right now just need 1 more person message me if interested Chaotic II
  8. Spent around 3 hours last night building my own house, made a furnace, crafting table, and a very long mining area where I got to gold. I made a bed but did not sleep in it and I died. I spawned randomly in the world and been trying to locate my house since. Anyone that would like to help me find my house would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  9. I found this video where you can get every single achievement except 2. Is this glitch still working and can you get your gamerscore reset by doing this glitch? Heres the video
  10. The video explains everything.
  11. You need 2 players so anyone that wants to join me send me a message. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLTaV6fTCJ8&list=WL&index=36 bump I need another person so I can start the match, anyone?
  12. Yepp did all of that and yes it is me.
  13. TV is muted and my friends hear their own voice when they speak.
  14. Bought this today hooked it all up and as soon as I join a party people say my mic is echoing really badly. I have turtle beach x12s. Any solution to this?
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