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  1. I thought the auction house was gone when they delisted the game and it reached end of life.
  2. Doing jobs for the other farmers is pretty much free money. They give you the equipment to do the job and pay you, plus time bonus. However, the patch they had on the 31st of Oct reduced the time bonus by half on easy difficulty. Field 5 had planted sugar beets (12 ha, what was he thinking?) and I decided to harvest them for him. He gave me 5 and a half hours to clear the field. I did it in 1 hour. The trick? There is a speed glitch for all equipment. TA has it outlined on a solution somewhere, but I'll save you the effort. Start up the machine or whatever is needed, then hold down both bumpers, B, and push the left stick forward. That harvester that only goes 6-8 mph, let's go with the best harvester, New Holland CR10.90, now does the job at 24 mph. This trick works with ALL tools, but works the best with harvesters. You have to hold all of those buttons and the left stick forward while you are harvesting, or the speed will drop back down to normal. It will also take a couple of seconds to kick in. That number 5 field netted me a total pay of 377k for my real time hour of work, but since the patch, it would be about 230k+. The payouts remain the same, but the time bonus is slashed in half. I didn't even use the unlimited money trick this year. I can't say it wouldn't help though.
  3. It seems the most recent patch broke the achievements and made them single session achievements. I had gotten 50 pigs over several sessions and didn't unlock the achievement, and someone else reported getting the achievement for pigs before the patch over multiple sessions. So yep, invest hard in the animal you need, make sure you have enough supplies and focus on that animal. You're going to need a lot of them, and a lot of food. I got all 3 animals to do. Might even want to build a water tower near the water trough since the only tanker in the game holds 7300 L and you're going to need more than that over time. I hear with enough cows you can get the 20 you need in 3 hours real time.
  4. I do, and mine is on disc, so it's not exclusive.
  5. I guess I'll go first, since nobody else is playing the game it looks like. I can't get connected and stay connected. I am chatting in a party with someone, they get kicked out, then I get booted from Live. I understand this is probably first night crap that probably happens, but I may not have a fast enough internet connection to even play this game. I have 3 Mbs down, 345 Kb up. Very real possibility that I have too shitty of a connection to play. Freaking awesome. I did check their site, they mentioned something about port forwarding, which I set the ports on the router, still nothing. Edit: So the game has connected today, and at first I was seeing people riding around the map, doing their own thing. Eventually though, everyone disappeared and when I get dropped and reconnect, it populates the area, but then nobody is around. Never drive alone my ass, I am always driving alone. Probably a side effect of a shitty internet connection. I've also tried to redo a mission I knew I could do better on, and it's hanging on the loading screen. Ugh. Edit 2: So I've managed to get far enough in the game that Zoe has bought me dirt spec, and the game has introduced me to factions. Keep in mind I still can't find a soul playing the game. I find this one race that is in the Midwest that, I didn't know at the time, has 110 checkpoints. It's a really long race, rubberband AI in both directions. When I wreck, they seem to pull over and let me pass, first place has to be caught up to, but I manage to get ahead, then they disappeared, and I somehow get a 17 second lead. The game tosses some unfair handling bugs at me, probably some lag, and they close the gap in no time flat, even though I wasn't hindered too much. I start to get ahead again, get halfway between checkpoint 47 and 48, and the game locks up. Unreal.
  6. If I wasn't complete crap at racing games (among most of my friends I'm above average) especially online, I'd think about buying this one, but I can't stand dropping 60 dollars for a day one game. I'm hardly current on ANYTHING.
  7. I did Toki's Dream Mode story tonight and had no problems. The way Dream Mode works with stories, is that each character's face that is involved in that part of the story will show up at the bottom of the screen. I cleared each and every one of Toki's missions, and the achievement popped without any issues. When you clear a mission with a character, a gold 'CLEARED!' shows up above their heads. To get all of the achievements, you will have to make sure every character is done on a mission, even if you've cleared it with an A ranking. The good news is, that you don't have to clear it a second time with an A ranking once you have done it before, just do it one time and you are fine. But you MUST clear each mission with each character on the dots for it to be considered complete. So, in my opinion, this achievement is not glitched, you must of skipped some of his missions.
  8. Any time I've tried to post, it won't put my post up at all, so I can't enter these... I don't understand. I'm logged in, I hit the reply button, I wait several hours and about 25-50 other posts go up, and then give up in disgust. This happened during the previous event with Kenan. I posted and it never showed up. Edit: I decided to give it a try, using the actual reply button on johniwanna's post instead of using quick reply. I figure it will be several more hours, cause it said it was a moderated forum... I'm probably too late though.
  9. Are you in the Alpha Station? They don't have anything for sale there. Head back to your faction base and see if they have anything.
  10. I thought I saw a Scion tC in a parking lot somewhere with that back end. Now I know, that's the new redesign. Interesting.
  11. I didn't get the Audi for some reason either. I did get the Camaro. The Honda was the prize from beating johniwanna in Ready Set Gecko, I thought. I know the end time that you had to get your times in was March 13th. I already had an unpainted Camaro, but the NSX-GT put me over official 5 unicorns. I got 7 if you count clones, 2 Camaros and 2 RX-7s. Would loan them out if I could, since they don't count.
  12. It took me nearly an hour, but I managed to beat his time. I entered lap 33 when I beat it. He's slow on the start, but at the last 2 corners he takes off like a shot and he's hard to catch. I ran a 1:31.7xx. If he improves it, I don't think I will go again. And yes, I used TCS, that car is slippery. A few times my downfall was the back end coming around on me just slightly causing me to lose traction.
  13. I got that one long ago. I did private races with no AI and they counted. The symbol is a large granite X.
  14. In game leaderboard is the ultimate authority.
  15. I think it was groundbreaking. I did use the search function... You're right though, I saw he was taking crap for repeating info that was 'a week old' so I figured at least one person got use out of it, then it was good. I forgot that thread necromancy was a rule, it's not something I use a lot of. So let's just call it even and not worry about this anymore. I won't be reviving old threads no matter how useful it was. I just wanted to find the link for Griffin, and I got him now. End of worry there.
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