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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  2. Molotovs? 0 kills or deaths. Seems more for blocking an enemy. Grenades? 0 kills and A MILLION deaths. They are a bit much.
  3. I take back the nice things I said. Its not saving my settings again. Sigh. I also hope to see more stats later. I would really like to see cod style stats where I can see what guns I get the most kills with, etc. Also id like to see the loot boxes be better. Way better. Would be nice to have some type of leveling system too. Nearly useless but fun to work towards.
  4. All I know is that it FINALLY saves my settings. Every time I turned the game on I had to set my invert and stuff. Wasn't an issue for my friends either which was super weird.
  5. Ah this is a difficult game to play in groups. I already have 6 friends who take turns grouping up. But hey they aren't always on. If you are alone and looking for a group add me.
  6. Lol. "checks video" WTF who left a dislike? Ok. Who's butthurt? ESM?
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